Cheap Eats at Zaxby’s Restaurant in North Orlando

CheapEatsgraphicsWritten by Robert Voss

I stopped by for a bite at one of the newest Zaxby’s Restaurant in Central Florida. This fast-food restaurant open for business in late 2017 and located in West Eatonville. There located at 6625 Forest City Road, Orlando, FL . There is plenty of free parking at this Zaxby’s location. This restaurant location is owned by Rock Forest City LLC. Each Zaxby’s Restaurant is Independently Owned and Operated Under a License Agreement with Zaxby’s Franchising LLC.

This was my first time eating at a Zaxby’s fast-food restaurant before. They have a large food menu selection. But Zaxby’s is noted for their chicken, zalads, and zapitizers, and much more.

Zaxby’s is not the only restaurant in the chicken business. There are many competitors in the Central Florida area, which are Huey Magoos Chicken Tenders, Pop Eyes Chicken, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Chick-fil-A, and Churches Chicken.

On my way home, I had a chance to stop at the newest Zaxby’s restaurant in Eatonville. When I went inside the restaurant, there was a crew of friendly staff to greet me. I asked the cashier what is the most popular item customers order. Most people order the chicken tender meal.

I ordered the four chicken tenders meal deal. This meal is served with coleslaw, a piece of Texas toast, and seasoned French fries, along with four chicken tenders. This meal was hot and fresh. The chicken tenders were so hot that there was steam coming from them when I bit into them. If I had let tenders cool off. The tenders I thought were crunchy. These chicken tenders are breaded.

When I received my meal, I asked for some BBQ sauce on the side. This sauce is not spicy. To me it is a typical BBQ sauce which is great for tipping your chicken tenders. Also, with the meal came with Zaxby’s special dipping sauce. This sauce was not spicy either. I could taste some pepper in it too. The color of this sauce was an off orange.

Overall, I thought the meal was good. I would recommend this restaurant for anyone who loves chicken tenders. Try it for your self and compare it against the other chain restaurants.

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