Off Topic – Receiving Emails from Provide Life Insurance

offtopicgraphicsWritten by Robert Voss

I keep getting a series of Provide Life Insurance emails to my personal email account. So I decided to analyze this email sender and the background into this company. There are many consumers getting this same email.

The email I received had the subject line of [“(Your name), $500,000 MA Life insurance for less”] and was sent by (Dan @ Provide Life Insurance). The email does not match up with this company’s email address. This is kind of odd for a company.

Who is Provide Life Insurance? This is a life insurance referral service. They have no physical address besides a post office box. However, I can assume one individual is running this company out of their home. No further information is available online.

On top of the body of the email has a headline as [“Life insurance in Massachusetts is cheaper than you think. See Robert’s Rates: 02482] with a photo of a young family underneath the headline. Plus there is more copy. It states, [“Are you paying too much for life insurance? We make it easy to compare life insurance rates and get affordable coverage. It’s fast (and it’s free!)”]. “See MA Quotes” with a blue button.

There is more email copy. It states, [“Find out which companies in your area offer the biggest discounts-all in a matter of minutes. Why wait? The savings start here. – The Provide Life Insurance Team”].

The footer of the email states [“Questions? Please contact us at: Provide Life Insurance, PO Box 425768, Cambridge, MA 02142-9998. If you would like to stop getting these messages, (click here to unsubscribe)”] This PO Box could not be confirmed based on the numerous other companies using this PO Box number too.

What does the unsubscribe link do? It directed me to . However, there is a hidden website link to Basically one can’t unsubscribe from any future emails from this company. When conducting a Google search for Provide Life Insurance I came up with nothing. Then I went to It takes a viewer to their main website with information which one must fill out. I suggest don’t filling out this information.

[©2016 Copyright. All Rights Reserved. This is a marketing message. is a top savings referral service which enables consumers to quickly and easily request multiple competitive insurance quotes from optimally selected local insurance agents and companies using our proprietary consumer alignment technology.”]

My overall thoughts about this email are that they are targeting the wrong demographics in the southern region of the country. I live in Florida and not Massachusetts. The marketing department probably is buying a large email address listing from around the country. This email might be considered a scam because of many reasons. If you see this email for this company delete it right away. If you’re looking for life insurance always go with a well-known company and do your own research before going with one life insurance companies.

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One comment

  1. Provide Insurance’s street address is 500 S FRONT ST STE 850
    COLUMBUS, OH 94111 USA
    according to MA secretary of state website.


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