Off Topic – Cracked Windshield on Interstate 4 Experience

offtopicgraphicsWritten by Robert Voss

Over the 2018 Christmas holiday, I was driving on Interstate 4 going east bound near the St. Johns River Bridge in the left lane when a small pebble hit on front windshield. There were no huge trucks around me at the time. I kept going to my destination. Then I survey the damage. A pebble left about a six-inch crack on the windshield. Luckily it did not crack the entire windshield.

The next day, I contacted my auto insurance carrier about getting a new windshield replacement. When I called it was a third party claims company who handled the issue with my vehicle cracked windshield. They were very friendly to deal with. The operator asked a series of questions. They needed to know where and what day did it happen. Plus, they needed my auto insurance policy number and year/make/model of vehicle.

She processed the claim right away. Then she asked what mobile auto glass company I preferred to use. I chose Safelite Auto Glass Company who I have seen many times on the commercial property, which I work at. They came highly recommended from this claims company. My appointment was set six days out because of the many work orders over the holiday.

Who is Safelite AutoGlass Company? [“With more than 70 years of service, Safelite knows auto glass. Safelite was founded at a single location in Wichita, Kansas in 1947 and has grown to become the largest auto glass specialist company in the United States with more than 720 locations nationwide.”] Information copy from Safelite website.

When your appointment with Safelite is confirmed. They will send the customer a text message. The message states, [“Thanks for choosing Safelite! Text HELP for questions or STOP unsubscribe. Msg and data rates may apply. Visit (link) to view apt.”].

On the day before my appointment, they sent me a text reminder. Their text message stated [“Safelite Reminder: Your appointment is tomorrow (date) between 08:00 AM and 12:00PM Visit (link) to view or make changes.”]

On the day of my appointment, Safelite sent another text to me. It stated, [“Thanks for choosing Safelite AutoGlass! You can view your pre-authorized receipt at (link). I received a phone call in the morning from the auto glass technician.

When the Safelite arrived on property in a marked Safelite van. The technician arrived within the time period they gave me. He called me to come meet him at my vehicle. Then he immediately looked over my vehicle and recorded the tag number. I had to sign an electronic form before the work could begin. The work was expected to take about and hour and a half from start to completion. This technician was fast and had it done within about an hour.

The technician reminded me not to wash my vehicle until two days later. Plus, not to drive the vehicle for about one hour so the glass could seal properly set. If there are any issues to contact Safelite. At the end of the repair, I had to sign another electronic form that the work was completed. Once he cleaned up and was finished, he left the property to head to the next customer.

Then Safelite sent me another text message. It stated, [“Thanks for choosing Safelite AutoGlass! You can view your Safelite receipt at (link). This was the final text message I received from Safelite.

I have been driving around with my new Safelite windshield and have not had a problem yet. I highly recommend Safelite for any auto glass replacement service. For more information on this auto glass company please visit .

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