Off Topic – Homeless People Targeting Patrons in Parking Lots

offtopicgraphicsWritten by Robert Voss

All around Central Florida there is always some homeless praying on the patrons in parking lots. I have observed first hand for myself. I understand the homeless need to survive in our society too. This is starting to be a big problem in some cities. The general public needs to be an eye out so they don’t get caught off guard.

If you come across a homeless individuals coming up to you selling old parking passes. Stop and ask these individuals a few questions. First, does this parking specialist have city/company ID badges, a book of parking passes, traffic vest, wearing a uniform and has a professional appearance. If not, look for the parking meter on the property if available. Also, there should be a posted public parking sign with the amount to park per vehicle. The homeless person will sometimes try to blend in with the Event Parking Specialists (EPS). They will even help out directing traffic in a parking lot. These homeless people come across as friendly. Many of them will even lie to you. Take them at face value.

If you bought an old parking pass from a homeless person your not alone. Now you have become a victim. The old parking pass is worthless. You need to report it to law enforcement. There is very little recourse on this crime of opportunity. You may have to repay for parking at that lot. This is not your fault. Consider this a learning experience and move on. If you see an odd situation please report it to security or law enforcement. Not saying anything will let someone else become the next victim.

Many of these homeless people will loiter around the parking lots looking for a victim or handout. It is advised never to give any money to a homeless individual. Donate money to a worthy cause who will help the homeless change their life. This is the only way to do it. When people give them money to the homeless they either buy boos, cigarettes, drugs, and other items. Most of all homeless don’t know how to spend their money wisely and frankly don’t care.

A word to the homeless; security and law enforcement will be going after individuals who decide to sell old and fake parking pass. It is a crime to re-sell any used passing pass to another person. Look at the fine print on the bottom of the passing pass. If you get caught you maybe trespassed or even taken to the country jail. There are many services out there for the homeless. Many church groups have a role to provide these needed services.

Finally, this article was to inform the general public about this on-going problem with homeless people targeting patrons in parking lots. As a society, we all need to work together to stop this major problem. Being homeless is a way of life for some people. For others they are looking to better their lives.

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Source of information: First hand experience

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