Product Review – Assured Creamy Petroleum Jelly

productreviewgrahpicsWritten by Nathan Wertheimer

Do you find your hands are dry? If you said, yes your not alone. There are many skin creams out on the market. Many of them are expensive. I found this product at a Dollar Tree Store in the baby supply section for just a buck. One can’t go wrong with this product.

Assured is a private brand for Dollar Tree Store and is distributed by Greenbrier International. This product is used for skin softener for dry skin. It claims to absorb quickly. This is true because I have tried and use this product my self. Plus, it has vitamin E enriched.

On the product label it states,[“This product compares to active ingredients of Vaseline Deep Moisture.” “Please note that this product is not manufactured or distributed by Unilever, distributor of the registered trademark of Vaseline®.”]

The product UPC number is 6-39277-89481-6 and was made in China. Always check the date on the product for freshness. For example, each product container has a printed information such as LOT:PLS603, BATCH:06/2018, and EXP: 06/2021. It is recommended not use this product when out of date.

Overall, I highly recommend this product to anyone. I personally, have not had any issues with this product. However, I do use this product on a daily bases. Certain health products are ok from China. If you have any issues with this product please contact Dollar Tree Store. For more information on this product please visit

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Source of information: First hand experience, independent product review

This product was independently reviewed and was not paid for by the manufacturer and retail store.



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