Cheap Eats at Hot Dog Heaven in East Orlando


Written by Nathan Wertheimer

Are you craving hotdogs, then check out Hot Dog Heaven. They have a variety of specialty hotdogs. Plus, they have more than just hotdogs. Don’t forget to get a side order of French Fries. This is a family friendly restaurant everyone will love.

It is a quick drive from Downtown Orlando to Hot Dog Heaven. Check your GPS for the best route there. There is plenty of free parking at this restaurant. Overflow parking in at the park across the street. The restaurant is located at 5355 east Colonial Drive, Orlando, Florida 32807.

Here is some brief history about Hot Dog Heaven. This restaurant opened it’s doors to Central Florida in October of 1987. Their goal was to bring Authentic Chicago Hot Dogs to Central Florida, and to serve the world’s best hot dogs. They started on a small scale, with only 500 square feet to begin selling our soon to be famous hot dogs. Word of our fantastic hot dogs spread and before they knew it, their business was growing and they were expanding their store. Today Hot Dog Heaven serves tons of hot dogs to their loyal customers that line up and patiently wait for our now Famous Chicago Hot Dogs. Our growth continues with the start of the Hot Dog Heaven Consulting Company to teach others to create award-winning Authentic Chicago Hot Dogs. Through the years they have worked hard to maintain our quality and consistency. Their vision has always been to serve the best Authentic Chicago Hot Dogs, and that will remain constant through the years to come.

On the day, I dropped by for a visit there was not a long wait time in the late afternoon. Sometimes they have a long line out the door. It is hard to make a decision with the huge hotdog selection. You name it and they can put it on your fresh Chicago hot dog.

I went with the classic hot dog with just ketchup and mustard on it. Each order is made fresh. What I thought interesting about this dog is that all hot dogs are placed on a poppy seed hotdog bun. What other hot dog place serves it like this? No one else, that I know in Central Florida has it.

For dessert, they have Hershey’s ice cream. Served in a cone or cup. Get a scoop or two to round out your meal for lunch or dinner. Drive down to Hot Dog Heaven and experience this place for your self. I promise you one will be back again. For more information on this restaurant please visit .

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