Off Topic –Blackface Political Controversy


Written by Robert Voss
Editorial Commentary

First off, these are my views on the blackface political controversy. The media keeps reporting on those politicians who were involved with this subject matter. Is it right? The answer is no, because it offends individuals of color. The blackface costumes make people uncomfortable in our society today. Back then, it was considered acceptable. Today white people don’t understand what is to be black; and may never fully understand unless you are in their shoes.

I have known Michael Ertel, former Florida Security of State / Seminole County Election Supervisor, for a while. It surprised me to find out that he would get wrapped up into the blackface controversy himself. The Tallahassee Democrat published an Ertel photo from 2005 Halloween party. In my opinion, it is believe that this newspaper did not like Ertel so they were looking for some dirt on him. When this article with the photo of him was published, he later resigned within a few days. Ertel has had a long successful career as a public servant. This is one act that will that may tarnish his reputation.

Then now we are faced with another politician who is catch up in the blackface controversy. Virginia Governor Ralph Northam is now caught up with a blackface surrounding a photo. He denied was in the photo or took the photo. Politicians on both sides are asking for his resignation. This headline is still playing out. One will have to wait to see what happens.

The real meaning behind the blackface behavior is simple. Treat everyone with respect. No one should be posting anything on social media that will offend anyone. People need to think before they publish any articles and photos that are offensive. In the future, it could come back to haunt them. One would think people would have learned their lesson by now. This article was written to educate the general public on this negative behavior.

If you’re looking to become a politician, it is advised to keep a clean image and stay away from controversial content. Anything negative from your past will eventually come around again.

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