Cheap Eats – Super Rico Columbia Bistro in Orlando


Written by Nathan Wertheimer

I have always passed by Super Rico Columbia Bistro (SRCB) in Orlando and have always wanted to try this place. Many people I know have eaten at this place before. They have dine-in, patio area, and take-out available. They have freshly made Columbian style food made to order. Their staff this place is very friendly.

This restaurant is located in the heart of Downtown Orlando. They are located at 57 West Central Boulevard, Orlando, Florida 32801. Check your GPS for the best route there. The only issue with this place is the parking. There are a few options for parking. The City of Orlando Central Garage offers free 15 minute parking or $2 per hour up to two hours. Then goes to $10 after two hours.  Another option is parking in the City of Orlando Garland Parking Lot. This is metered parking unless there is an event going on.

Here is some brief history about SRCB. In the summer of 2011, four friends bought a food truck and started a Colombian-style restaurant. Since then they have expanded to where their present location. In the future, look for SRCB to expand in late spring. The Tap and Grind Bar next to this restaurant closed up sometime in January 2019. Many foodie are excited about the possible expansion into the old bar space. Look for construction to begin soon to eventually open the other side.

The other day on a Saturday evening, I stopped by this restaurant. There were people eating inside and out. There was no wait to order my food. I decided on the three chicken empanadas with a special ranch sauce on the side. These empanadas are deep-fried and take about seven minutes to make. I took my meal to go. When I bit into chicken empanadas it looked all yellow with tiny greens inside. It is recommended to use the dipping sauce. It taste a lot better with the sauce.

What’s on the food menu? There is much to choose from at this restaurant. They have everything from Burgers, salads, chicken, hotdogs, empanadas, and much more. To drink they have sodas, coffee, wine, and beer. Prices on food ranges from about $4 to $10+

If you’re looking for a different type of food than try this restaurant. At times, there are people lined out the door. Many customers are very loyal to this place. This place is a hopping place before and after high-end events at the Amway Center. For more information on this place please visit

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