Payless Shoe Stores are Closing in 2019

otf_specfeaturead18Information compiled and written by Nathan Wertheimer

Both local and national news media have reported that Payless ShoeSource Worldwide, Inc. is closing most of their operations in 2019. They were unable to come out of bankruptcy to keep this business going. Plus, there are no investors who wanted to buy this shoe company. However, the South American market will not be effective, but all 2,500 stores in the United States are closing. Plus,16,000 employees will lose their jobs. There are sixteen Payless Shoe Stores in the Metro Orlando area. Now it is the time to visit your local Payless store for your last pair of shoes from this establishment.

Watch for local Payless Shoes Stores to hold a liquidation sale at each store. Look for discounts that are 10% – 30% off each product retail price at the beginning of the sale. Then towards the end look for discounts that are 40%-75% off each product retail price with all remaining store products on shelves. Everything must go. All sales are final. Sorry, no returns on all products. If you have a problem with a product then contact the manufacturer for a replacement or a refund. No special orders will be placed at this time.

Many of the shoes Payless carried were lesser-known popular brands. They presently carry such brands as Champion, American Eagle, Christian Siriano, Airwalk, Dexter, Safe T Step, Heritage Skate, Dexflex Comfort, and much more. Many of these shoes were made in China and Taiwan.

Once all store products are sold, look for a possible separate fixture sales, which includes furniture, racks, cash registers, check-out counters, mirrors, signage, feet measuring device, and much more. All items are used and will be sold at fair market prices. Contact individual store for more information.

The company warehouse is shipping out the remaining supply of shoes and accessories to all US stores. The on-line commerce will shut down at some point during this store closure process.

Here is some brief history about Payless ShoeSource. This company was start in 1956 by. Cousins Louis and Shaol Pozez. Throughout the years this company’s ownership changed hands. This company sold affordable new shoes for children and adults. Prices on new shoes ranged from $10-$60 per shoes. Majority of this shoe store had women’s shoes on the racks. However, there was a small selection of men’s shoes too. Their target audience was women’s shoes. The company’s headquarters is located in Topeka, Kansas.

It is the sign of the times when another big retailer closes for good. It is a sad time to see this shoe store close. I have personally shopped at one of the stores in the past. For more information on this shoe store please visit .

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