Off Topic – Receiving Emails for Photography Courses


Written by Robert Voss

Recently, I have been inundated with emails for photography courses. You may be in the same boat too. My question is why am I receiving these emails? First of all, I’m a serious photographer. I have gone as far as I could learn in photography. But for those of us who want to be serious photographers are these courses worth it? I’ll let you be the judge.

The email subject line reads, “Is Photography your Passion? From The headline states, “Are you a Shutterbug?” and the sub headline reads, “Work on New Skills with Photography Classes.” “Search for Photography Classes” with a Blue link. When one clicks on the link it takes the viewer to and lists a bunch of photography classes. Plus, there are other related searches, which includes:

  1. “Free Online Photography Courses”
  2. “Photography Classes For Beginners Near Me”
  3. “Photography Classes Online For Free”
  4. “Local Photography Classes Near Me”

Along with the copy there is a photo of a woman looking back with a caption of “Check Out Photography Classes. On the footer of the email states, “This is an advertisement” from

Who is ? This company is a DBA for Kinghurst Multimedia in the United Kingdom. They create and produce an online interactive multimedia resource. It is believe that a third party marketing company is helping this company to market their online service. There address is Cooks Lane, Kinghurst, Birmingham, B37 6 NZ.

If you’re looking for some great photography tips please visit the for free Photo Tip Series. This is one alternative to taking any class. Plus, who has the time to take a class in our busy lives today.

Finally, if you continue to get this unwanted emails. Just delete them as I do. This is a foreign-based company and there is very little to stop these emails. Always do your research before starting any online classes. Good luck into your photography endeavours.

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