Sports News – 2019 Orlando City Soccer Game Day Parking Experience


Written by Robert Voss

During the first Orlando City Soccer Game in 2019, there were many issues with parking. Both staff and fans had problems finding garages and lots. I will break down the parking lots and garages. Please note the stadium does not have on-site parking available to the public except for suite pass holder only. Prices on parking can range $10-$50 depending on the lot. Most parking lots are cash only. These lots tend to change each MLS season.

This year I have not heard of an official ADA only lot for soccer game days for this season. In the past, handicap parking was at the City of Orlando Orange lot, which one of the closet lot to the stadium. All handicap parking spaces are first come, first serve on most lots. A valid handicap placard and or tag are required to park in a handicap space. Any illegal handicap parking will be enforced and will be issued a parking violation per Florida State Statue of a $250 fine.

Church/Westmoreland Lot (Lot A), which is located at 925 West Church Street and is a few blocks from the Stadium. This is an empty lot with a fence around it. Some areas are uneven on this lot. This lot is reserved for contractors and staff with a parking permit.

Christian Service Center Lot (Lot B), which is located at 808 West Central Blvd and is about less than a block over from the stadium. This lot is for parking permits only.

Central Parramore Lot (Lot C), which is located at 709 West Central Blvd and is directly across the street. This lot is for parking permits only.

West Stadium Parking Lot (Lot D), which is located at 103 Glenn Lane and is right on stadium property. Only those with VIP and special permits will be allowed to park on site. This is a secure area. One must make arrangements ahead of time to park on this lot. Sorry, no Parking Attendant will be taking cash and or credit while posted on this lot.

Private East Parcel Lot (Lot E), which is located at West Pine Street/Terry Avenue. This is an empty lot surrounded by a fence and is one block away from the stadium. This lot is for parking permits only.

HD Supply Garage (Lot F) is located on West Pine Street, which is just a block away from the stadium. There is a limited number of pre-paid parking permits along with general parking for $20 cash only per vehicle.

City of Orlando Orange Lot (Old Lot A/F) fills up fast on game day. It is cash/credit $20 per vehicle to park on this lot. Tailgating is not permitted at this lot. There are limited handicap spaces available on this lot. Plus, this lot has an armed security officer on property for most of the game. For reserved parking please go online and purchase a pre-paid parking permit. This permitted must be printed and brought with you to park on property. Sorry, no electronic copies will be accepted. For pre-paid parking please visit

City of Orlando Garland Lot is located at Garland and Central. This lot is just a few blocks away from the stadium. This lot is only $10 to park per vehicle when Event Parking Specialist is present. For pre-paid parking please visit

West Central Blvd Lot (Old Lot C), which is located at 521 West Central Blvd and is one block away from the stadium. Tailgating is permitted on this lot. Cost to park is $20 per vehicle. For pre-paid parking please visit .

City of Orlando Central Garage is located 53 West Central Blvd. Just across the street from the fire station. This garage is only $10 on game day to park. For pre-paid parking please visit

Special Event Parking Lot #9, which is located at 515 West Central Blvd. This is a small lot with a limited amount of parking spaces. The cost pet vehicle to park is $20 cash. Sorry no credit cards and pre paid paying permits are not available for this lot.

If you are looking for free parking, I’m sorry to say there is none. However, there is free event parking that is granted to those vehicles that have either a State of Florida Disabled Toll Permit sticker and or a Florida Disabled Veteran auto tag on their vehicle at any City of Orlando Parking Lots and or Garages. This does not apply towards the red and or blue handicap placard or regular State of Florida handicap auto tag. Private lots and garages will not honor any free event parking with vehicle that has handicap placard/tag and Disabled Toll Permit. For more information please visit

When arriving for a game please remember to arrive 3-4 hours ahead of game for the best parking spaces. Most lots tend to fill up fast. When leaving the parking lots/garages on game day expect there to be heavy traffic. Some roads maybe have detours. Once the game is over, it is always best to drive away from the stadium area.

Map courtesy by OCSC

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