2019 Altamonte PDQ Grand Opening Experience and Review


Advertisement graphics and photo courtesy by eatpdq.com

Written by Nathan Wertheimer

Many families could not wait for the anticipation of this new PDQ Fast Casual Restaurant to open in Altamonte Springs. There was a soft opening before the grand opening.

This restaurant held their grand opening on Sunday, March 31, 2019, at 10:30am. PDQ is stands for People Dedicated to Quality. They stay true to their company motto. Their regular hours are 10am to 10pm seven days a week. Fresh and never frozen. Dine in or take out.

If you’re in the West Altamonte Springs area, one can’t miss this restaurant. It is located on the corner of State Road 436 and State Road 434. It sits right next to the New Walgreens Drug Store. There is plenty of free parking available at this location. However, there is some overflow parking in the near by shopping center.

Before this place was there, there was a large big box Office Max Store. Now there is a new freestanding PDQ building. What makes this place unique is the drive-thru order station does not have an intercom to order food. When a vehicle pulls up to the order window and an associate will take a customer’s order. This is more efficient than over other drive thru places.

There was a huge turn out for the PDQ Restaurant Grand Opening. Before the doors even opened, PDQ provided fresh coffee and donuts while people were waiting. Plus, for entertainment everyone got a chance to play the cornhole game by tossing a beanbag into a wooden board with a hole. Everyone had a lot of fun.

When the door finally opened, some customers received a $50 gift card and a swag bag. There were a limited number of swag bags. Many of the customers could not wait to eat at this location. Yes, there were long lines. However, all hands were on desk to take a customer’s order, cooking the fresh food, and then being served by the staff.

While at this grand opening, I did have a chance to try PDQ food. I ordered the three tenders with tater tots served hot and fresh. For the dipping sauce, I choose the Honey BBQ and Garlic sauce. Both tasted great. I could not decide which one was better. Everything was made to order fresh, unlike the other chicken fast casual restaurants. When eating into the all white meat chicken tenders, it was very juicy. Plus, the tenders were breaded. For the tater tots, they are lightly seasoned and taste great.

Overall, the friendly staff was there to serve the customers with a happy face along with fantastic meal. If you have never tried PDQ I urge you and your family to check out this restaurant. Compare this restaurant to other places in the area and you’ll see for youreslf. I’m sure you’ll be back for some great food. Fore more information on PDQ please visit www.eatpdq.com .

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Source of information: First hand experience and eatpdq.com

Note: This is an independent restaurant review and this restaurant did not have any influence on my review. All food was comped during my visit.




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