Off Topic – Encountering A Lazy Law Enforcement Officer


Written by Mike Jones

Have you ever needed assistance from a Law Enforcement Officer and they failed to do their job. Than you’re not alone. The police motto is to serve and protect. I encountered a Law Enforcement Officer who was on a special assignment sitting inside his patrol vehicle on private property.

While on another property, someone found a Brazilian Government ID on the ground. I observed a police vehicle and went over to the property to ask the officer a question. I explained to he officer that I found this government ID on another property. The police officer said he was on a special detail and could not handle it because it was not on this property and said nothing more. I thanked him and went on my way. He did not even try to attempt at calling for assistance to help me and or direct me in the right direction on how to handle it. In the end, I turned over this government ID to a place where this person might find it. This problem was solved without this officer’s help.

In my opinion, this police officer did not care because he was getting paid to sit around on the job. He did not want to do more work than he had too. This officer is a disgrace to the uniform. Could this officer have done more? The answer is yes.

Not all Law Enforcement officers are like this. When a Law Enforcement Officer is in uniform her or she is on duty on must serving the public. Sometimes, they forget the police motto.

If you encounter something like my situation your welcome to file a complaint against an officer at the agency they work for. Many officers may think this is normal behavior with interacting with the general public. No one should ever be treated like I was treated. I was not asking for much just some help and advice.

To file a complaint go directly to Internal Affairs Department within the Law Enforcement agency. Sometimes it might be under another name such as Professional Standards Department. You should have all the important information such as officer’s name, badge #, vehicle #, time and date of actual incident, and a brief narrative of what happened. Give this information to Internal Affairs. Most cops hate Internal Affairs Department. Why? Any officer with a complaint on him or her must be investigated within the agency and appropriate action will take place. Sometimes the officer is cleared and other times the officer is given disciplinary action. This will depend on the outcome of the complaint.

Finally, the reason I’m writing this story is to educate the general public about lazy Law Enforcement Officers. No one should ever encounter them. If you do then you’ll know what the next steps to take.

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Source of information: First hand experience


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