2019 23nd Annual Leesburg Bikefest Preview

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Information compiled and written by Nathan Wertheimer

It is almost that time to get on your motorcycle and head to Downtown Leesburg for their annual Bikefest that is being held on April 26-29, 2019. There is much to see and do at this event. It is worth the drive to Downtown Leesburg for this event. Leesburg Bikefest is one of the fasting growing motorcycle events in the Southeast United States.

It is recommended to spend a half a day walking around and seeing the sights. There is much to see and do. A few hours just won’t cut it. One will want to spend the whole day. Rain or shine this event goes on. This is mainly an older crowd event, but there are very few children who attend this event too.

Driving from Downtown Orlando to Downtown Leesburg is about an hour to two hours depending on traffic and the route drivers take. Some people opt to drive on Florida’s Turn-Pike (Toll Road) or others will take State Road 441 northward from Orlando to Leesburg. Either way one will get you there to your destination.

Once arriving in the Downtown Leesburg, vehicle parking is limited around town. Only motorcycles have an advantage parking close to the venue. Most motorcycles will park on Main Street. For the safety of the bikers and biker enthusiasts, the streets are closed down for motorcycles only, which helps produce a unique and successful Lake County event. Arrive early for the best parking spot available. Some parking lots charge a fee for parking at some properties. Some public parking lots may not be available in the downtown area during this event. During the peak of the day and evening motorists should expect to see heavy traffic on the streets in and around Leesburg. Law Enforcement will be out in heavy force looking for drunk drivers and bikers.

History of Leesburg Bikefest started in 1997 where the 1st Annual Leesburg Bikefest as a 1-day event with 4 vendors, canned beer, and a couple of local garage bands; with an estimated attendance of 5,000 motorcyclists. Since then, Bikefest has grown into a well-known event that hosts more than 300,000 attendees each year.

In order to meet the demands of Bikefest attendees, the event has grown from a 1-day event to a 3-day event and expanded to 20+ blocks in Downtown Leesburg and the Gator Harley Davidson location. Bikefest utilizes just about every square inch of outdoor space available in the downtown area, and also rents out buildings like the Opera House, Palace Theater, and the Leesburg Center for the Arts, transforming them into night clubs where the event can continue long after the outdoor venues have closed.

Take in the entertainment at various locations in Downtown Leesburg. One will be able to see a Bike Show, Hot Body Contest, Bike Demonstrations, Stunt Shows, Poker Run, Sunday Religious Service, and Veterans Memorial, all packed into one weekend. For more information on these events please visit the official event website for more details.

When riding down Main Street on your motorcycle there will be rows and rows of parked motorcycles. Some of these motorcycles are custom, vintage, stock, and everything else in between. Many shops and restaurants will be open during this event.

Check out the main stage at Leesburg City Hall. Each night has a big act on stage. On Friday night check out Cinderella’s Tom Keifer rock it out on his guitar. Also, don’t miss singer Scott Stupp of Creed on Saturday night. Plus, see Colt Ford on Sunday afternoon play some Country Music. These concerts are free and everyone is welcome to attend.

The streets of Downtown Leesburg are lined with hundreds of merchandise and food vendor booths, showcasing their wares and tantalizing the taste buds of the more than 250,000 event attendees. Check out the motorcycle, clothing, helmets, accessories, jewelry, and much more. Some items are great buys as compared to retail stores high prices.

Don’t go away hungry and thirsty at this event. They have you covered. There will be some food trucks mixed with food tent vendors too. One will find everything from hamburgers, hotdogs, chicken, salads, sushi, and much more. Prices on food will vary.

Plus, there is even a tattoo fest with a bunch of professional tattoo artists on site. Prices will vary on size and style of artwork. Look for a lady with tattoos posing for photos outside of the building. It is recommended not to be drunk when getting any tattoos created because the alcohol thins one’s blood. All local and state tattoo safety precautions are in effect. This is a clean and safe environment to have a tattoo created for you.

Ride on down to Leesburg for this huge event of the year. For more information on this event please visit www.leesburgbikefest.com .

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Source of information: first hand experience and leesburgbikefest.com


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