Off Topic – Using A Pedicab in Downtown Orlando

offtopicgraphicsWritten by Robert Voss

If you in the Downtown Orlando area, one will notice many pedicabs at night and around events. It is an easy form of transportation on heavy congested streets during high peak times. Most people in the evening enjoy this form of transportation. There are pros and cons about pedicabs.

What is a pedicab (aka rickshaw)? It is a vehicle that is a three-wheel bicycle with seating for passengers behind the driver. It can hold two adults comfortably and sometimes up to 3-4 passengers. Small children will sometimes sit in the laps of the parents. Crashes with Pedicabs verses another vehicle is rare, but it can happen. Always be aware of your surroundings and pay attention to pedestrian and vehicle traffic around you.

I have observed various pedicab companies in action in Downtown Orlando. Many pedicab drivers do not follow the laws set forth by the City of Orlando. I have encountered drivers’ traveling on the wrong side of the street, blocking driveways to parking lots, riding down sidewalks, and much more. Some pedicab drivers’ don’t care and are only after the money of paying passengers. They could care less about following the laws.

All Pedicab Drivers must obtain a permit by the City of Orlando. This is similar to a driver’s license for a motor vehicle. They are considered vehicle for hire. Any individual may submit an application to the City of Orlando, Vehicle For Hire Section – Non-Motorized Vehicles (Pedicab) Permit, along with certain fees. The City of Orlando reminds Pedicab operators that it is a privilege to do business in the city.

Some Pedicab drivers think they are above the law. Even some have not read the pedicab City Ordnance. There is very little oversight on various companies who operate pedicabs in the City of Orlando. However, I have seen the City of Orlando Vehicle For Hire Enforcement Unit out looking for violators. If a pedicabs gets caught she or he could face a fine, possible jail time, and confiscation of their vehicle.

Sometimes Pedicab drivers act like fair carnies. They put pressure on people to let give them a ride. Some pedicab fares range from $5 and goes on up. Always go with a reputable pedicab company. Be sure they are licensed and know the rules of the road. Have a safe travel in a pedicab.

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Source of information: First hand experience and the City of Orlando



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