Off Topic – A Date Who Judged A Book By Its Cover


Written by Mike Jones

I am writing about a dating experience. Recently, I met a lady in her 40’s on Tinder. She seems like a neat person to get to know. On her profile she left out that she had three grown kids and was divorced for the second time. To some people this might have been a red flag. Everything was going well. We instant message for a while on the Tinder massager application for a few weeks. Then I asked for her phone number and she was hesitant at first. Once I got her phone number we text message and talked on the phone.

On one of her text message she asked me was if I judge a book by its cover. I told her no. One should keep an open mind. You’ll never know how the book will end. In today’s world, I do believe people judge a book by its cover. If the cover doesn’t look good, than a person will pass on it. Will they regret it? Probably not, but this is how society acts.

During the dating process, we setup a date. Then she cancelled it on that day a few hours before we were suppose to meet. I thought I might not be given a chance to meet in person. She got cold feet for unknown reasons. On her last message, she wrote just a few hours before we were supposed to meet for the first time. I read the message at face value. Her message stated, “I am going to have to reschedule our date tonight. My long time [omitted] friend needs my help for a emergency chair board meeting for another company. That I am a managing partner at. Sorry.” Next, I responded to her message by saying, No problem. Have a great evening. I did not hear from her until five days later. She was very apologetic. She gave a great story about helping her friend out. I don’t know if it is really true. Something’s were not adding up.

Next, I decided to give her another chance so we set-up another date. On the day of the date, she was looking forward to it. While at the restaurant, I received several text messages. She asked what location and what I was wearing. Then she backed out at the last minute on this date with no regrets. The only explanation was she texted me was “I am not showing up, it’s not you it’s me.” I replied back, “Ok. Thanks. I’m heading home now. Have a great evening.” She probably got cold feet again for unknown reasons. This was not a surprise to me.

In hindsight, this is one un-classy lady who does not have any respect for another human being. The game is over with this lady. Too were many strikes against dating her. I believe her main intension was to be a time waster. Would I give her a second chance? The answer is no. However, this lady judged a book by its cover. I guess she’ll never know how book really turns out. I can only inferred that she may have done this in her past too. Life goes on and there is more fish out in the sea. I wish her all the best.

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