DIY – Changing Your Vehicle’s Cabin Air Filter

DIY_graphicsWritten by Robert Voss

Recently, WFTV Channel 9 aired a story about a mold out break in a new vehicle, which was not sealed correctly by the manufacturer. The factory warranty did not cover this issue. However, the owner was stuck to pay for the repairs. The mechanic advised changing your cabin’s air filter. This was a good reminder to me to change the air filter in my vehicle.

After seeing this story on television, I went down the other day to my local auto parts store to purchase a new cabin air filter. It was very easy. At the store tell the clerk the year make and model of your vehicle and they will look it up and get you the right cabin air filter for my vehicle. I drive a 2014 Hyundai Accent, the price ranges from $18 – $4 on this cabin air filter for this model vehicle. The one I purchased was a Purolator One Cabin Air Filter #C35865 and made in the USA. The clerk told me to look up on for my vehicle’s year, make, and model. When I had a chance watch a short video on how to install it my self. Another suggestion was going to an auto repair garage for assistance to have it installed by them.

Once I got home, I watched a video on how to remove and install the new cabin air filter for my vehicle. It was very simple. The cabin air filter in my vehicle was located in the back out the glove box. First, one has to take the side pins from the inside of the glove box to fully access the filter area. Next, pinch the clip on both sides to release the door to access the air filter area. Then remove the old air filter. Upon further inspection, I found the old filter was gray and had dirt on it. This was not a good thing.

Next, I placed the new air filer inside the air filter compartment. Make sure you place the air filter in the right direction. On the side of the air filter is an arrow showing the direction it should be positioned. After placing the new filter, close the filter door and put back the pins in the glove box door and enjoy fresh air in the vehicle’s cabin. Then the project is complete. Turn on you’re vehicle’s air conditioner and breath in cool fresh air.

Check your vehicle owners’ manual on when you should replace your cabin air filter. Some manufacture say after 25,000 – 30,000 miles or once a year on your vehicle. This is an inexpensive part for your vehicle. Some auto repair shops can charge around $40 just to install a new cabin air filter. It is recommended to do it your self like I did. Good Luck.

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