Off Topic – The Unofficial Tour Bus & Limo Drivers Parking Guide in Downtown Orlando

offtopicgraphicsWritten by Mike Jones

When I work in Downtown Orlando many tour bus and limo drivers are very confused where to park. Many of them ask city officials for directions and are given the wrong directions. I am writing this article to inform all tour bus and limo drivers where I have seen and heard where to park buses and limos.

When there is a huge event at the Amway Center there is always heavy traffic around the venue. This is no one’s fault. Everyone is trying to get there at the same time. For any event is suggested to arrive 2-3 hours before the event starts.

There are many bus drivers who let off their passengers at corner streets, which blocks other motorist point of view. Plus, I have even seen buses parking in the middle turning lane, which is not the best idea. Orlando Police and Parking Enforcement are handing out parking violations for those who park in the middle turning lane.

For bus drivers who want to park their bus and attend a venue this is a different story. There is very little street parking for large tour buses. Sorry, no close parking near the Amway Center.

Currently, the best place where tour bus drivers can park his or her bus is on West Central Boulevard. Buses should not be blocking Lynx Bus Station area and or driveways to businesses and or parking lots. Extra bus parking is located near Orlando City Stadium on West Central Boulevard.

The City of Orlando Orange Lot on West Pine Street/West Central Boulevard is not the best parking situation for busses. Drivers will encounter tight areas to turn on the property. This lot is meant for regular size vehicles. With special permission from the City of Orlando Parking Division may park a large bus on this property for certain events. The parking bus fee to park on this property is $50 per vehicle.

Some bus drivers go online and prepay for parking. This is not the best idea. Here’s why? One is paying for a regular size vehicle and not a bus. You may encounter problems with the parking attendant with a prepaid regular car permit. It is recommended to call the City of Orlando Parking Division Customer Service hot line for assistance at 407-246-2155 or

Another point I wanted to make. When law enforcement and or security ask you to move your bus/limo and you decide not too. You have just created a big problem, which will involve a review and action taken. This could lead to parking changes for everyone in the future.

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Source of information: First hand experience


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