Mail Box – Tally Technologies Promotional Mailer


Written by Mike Jones

You may have received an envelope in the mail from Tally about signing up for to get rid of credit card debt. The headline on the letter states: [Your debt-free future is waiting. So is your $50 Amazon gift card.] I have never heard of this company before. So who is this company and what do they do?

Tally target audience is people who have large credit card debt. The body copy of the letter states: [Dear Mike, Getting rid of your credit card debt once and for all is easier than you might think. Meet Tally, the revolutionary new app that can help you cut your credit card debt to zero, make it easier to mange your credit card payments, and even improve your credit score. Thousands of delighted customers have started using Tally to take advantage of the following benefits: an average savings of $5,300, pay off your debt up to 2x faster, no service fees or hidden costs, and make your payments on time, every time. If you’re ready to get rid of the headache that comes with looming due states and tired of jugging numerous monthly payments and variable interest rates, than you’re ready for Tally. Apply today. Once qualified, you’ll receive a complimentary $50 Amazon gift card. Your debt-free future is just around the corner.]

Then the letter is closed with [Sincerely, Jason Brown CEO, Tally. P.S. Sounds unbelievable? Let me prove it.]

Who is Tally Technologies? Jason Brown and Jasper Platz are two guys who founded this small company in 2015. This was not their first company they founded. They created a personal finance mobile application for consumers to manage their credit card debt. On the app they have features such as credit card manager, debt manager, late fee protection, and line of credit. Their company is based out of San Francisco, California. Tally employs approximate fifty employees to run this operation. For more information on this company please visit . Note some information from

Finally, this company misdirected their mailer towards me based on that I don’t have credit debt. Yet, there are many Americans that have large amount of credit card debt. The key to not to jump into any marketing offers until you have done your homework. For some people this might be the best company them for their services and for others they might find a better deal elsewhere. The $50 Amazon gift card seems like an enticing to some people. Who would not like to spend the $50 gift card? There is a price for everything. If you have serious credit problem it is advised to talk with a credit councilor to try to negotiate down the money you owe. There maybe better options out there.

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