2019 42nd Annual Track Shack’s Celebration of Running 5k in Orlando Preview


Advertisement graphics courtesy by Track Shack

Information compiled and written by Nathan Wertheimer

The last summer 5k race is almost here, so mark your calendar for Saturday, August 17, 2019, race time 7:30am. If you have never run in a 5k before, it is a great challenge for new and seasoned runners. Everyone who participates will receive a finisher’s metal at the end of this race. Plus, there is an after party and awards ceremony following this race. Rain or shine this event goes on. It is recommended to be in good shape to participate in this 5k race. Rain or shine this race goes on.

Register now for the up coming race. The sooner one registers the cheaper it is. The price ranges from $33-$45 registration fee. This race tends to sell out before the day of the race. It is recommended to register early for this race. To register and pay online please visit https://register.hakuapp.com/?event=f15d8f2da821906c5bbb.

Before race day, one will receive an email to stop by Track Shack in Orlando to pick up their race packet. Racers will pick-up information on the race along with the gender specific t-shirt. Please bring a bag to pick-up your race packet. Then get ready for race day.

It is a quick drive from Downtown Orlando to Orlando Cultural Park at 530 Princeton Street in Orlando. Check your GPS for the best route. There is plenty of free parking around this event. Most racers parked in the McRae Parking Garage on Advent Health (formerly known as Florida Hospital) property. Parking is free on this day only in the McRae parking garage. Drivers need to be mindful of pedestrians crossing the street when heading to this race. It is not recommended parking your vehicle at the Orlando Science Center (OSC) Parking Garage. This garage is reserved for OSC customers only. Plus, there is some free parking located on street Orange Avenue too.

Here are some tips on training and for a successful race. First stop by Track Shack Store in Orlando to try on some running shoes. Their staff was very friendly and helped to get you the right running shoes. On the day of the race, it is recommended to wake up early. Eat a lite breakfast a few hours before starting time. It is recommended not to eat a full meal before the race.

Next, it is recommended to iced the bottom of your feet if have plantars fasciitis, which anyone can get. Don’t forget to wear your slime green race shirt along with your bib number. Before heading out of your house, It is recommended packed a bag with a sports bottle with water, baseball cap, sunglasses, fanny pack, a towel, and eye wear support strap.

There are many things one should expect going thru the Track Shack’s Celebration of Running 5k. Before the start of the race all race, all participants are lined up according to your average mile time. It starts from10 minutes per mile point and goes on up. Then last are the walkers and strollers group. Ten minutes before the race everyone starts to line up. Most people strengthen and getting mentally prepared for this race. Just before the horn sounds, one of the runners will sing the national anthem a special guest is expected to give a few words before the race. Then the horned sounded and the racers are off. There maybe a brief delay for some racers start running. This was because of the people in front of you are not moving fast enough. It is expected to be a slow start out from the starting line.

During the race, one will see many runners and power walkers going through the course. This course takes runners through a residential area. There are well placed markers to indicate the mileage point throughout this course. It is suggested that the slower runners and walkers stay on the far right side of the course and let the faster runners pass you by. When runners get to 1.5 miles point they are at the backside of Track Shack Store there are volunteers and staffers are giving out mini cupcakes and cups of water, along with music playing in the background too. Plus, there are more water stations throughout this course. Volunteers are handing out water along the course. When runners get to a certain point a lonely guy will be banging on a drum cheering everyone on. Most runners are averaging 10-13 minutes a mile for this race.

Towards the tail end of the race, it is the toughest because most everyone feels tired. One needs to remind yourself you can finish this race. After finishing this race, participants will receive their finishers metal handed out by a volunteer. Then the post race festivities start and all racers will receive a cold bottle of water to cool down.

Following this race, there are many vendors on hand such as Advent Health (Florida Hospital) who have a photo booth, Advent Health giving out free massages to runners, Krispy Crème is there giving out free donuts, and there with some other 5k races promotions. Many race finishers can get a free cup of beer to enjoy while supply last. Stay around for the award ceremony before it concludes.

This is one of the best races to run or walk so sign up now to participate. For more information on this race please visit www.trackshack.com/event/233 . If you like this article, then like it on our Otownfun WordPress account. Also, join to be one of our followers at otownfun on WordPress. For more great events, places, and articles, please visit us out at http://www.otownfun.com

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