Product Review – Capello Alarm Clock verses the Onn Alarm Clock

productreviewgrahpicsWritten by Robert Voss

When my old digital alarm clock stopped working one day, then I knew I needed to purchase another one. So I decided to check out a few discount retailers. There was not a huge selection of digital alarm clocks on the consumer market and there maybe more online.

My first stop was Target and purchased the Capello Sleep Easy Alarm Clock and made by Goodhatch LLC for $10. The UPC number is 8-18866-00239-3. I got it home and plug it in for the night. The clock time was very bright compared to my old digital alarm clock. However, there was not a dim button to reduce the light coming from this unit. It lit up part of my bedroom. I prefer to sleep in a dark bedroom. The directions were not easy to read. I liked the small design of the clock. Then I decided to move it to another room rather than returning it back to Target.

After my un-satisfaction with the Capello Sleep Easy Alarm Clock, I stopped by Walmart and purchased an Onn Digital Alarm Clock Radio with a large 1.8” display made exclusively for Walmart for $9.99. The UPC number is 6-81131-27926-0. I was hoping this would replace the Capello Sleep Easy Alarm Clock. Once I got it home and plugged it in, I could not wait for bedtime to see if this clock out performed the other one. I loved the dim light button on this clock. This clock too has instruction issues. I could not get the alarm buzzer set instead I had to use the radio alarm wake-up setting.

Overall, both alarm clocks had some flaws in their design. One out performed another by testing at night. I preferred the Onn Digital Alarm Clock over the Capello Sleep Easy Alarm Clock. However, some consumers may want the other clock because of the light it produces. Always do a side-by-side comparison test before buying a product along with checking the product reviews. Over the years alarm clocks have gotten more complicated. What ever happened to the easy to use alarm clock? Happy shopping for your next alarm clock.

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