2019 ICPRI First Aid & CPR-AED Training Review

otf_specfeaturead18Written by Robert Voss
Independent Review

There are many online first aid and CPR-AED training courses. Which one is best for you? First ask your employer if they will accept any online training course. Some employers may and some do not accept this style of training. This is up to them. I believe this is an easy way to get the certification that is needed for your job. One saves time and money. Complete the online training in the comfort of your own home or office. No need to travel to a training site.

Who is International CPR Institute? They offer a blend of first aid training. Plus, they offer a combination of first aid certification and training, online CPR classes as well as on-site training for corporations, large and small. They are proud to know that many companies have come to rely on them to train their employees effectively. Their staff believes that medical care can be effectively taught through an innovative “integrated training” approach that combines video demonstration, graphic animation, photographs and clear, easy to understand text. They are located out of Florida. Information from ICPRI.

First off, I have taken both online and onsite training for first aid and CPR-AED. I prefer the online training at my own time whether then going to a training site on a certain day and time. Don’t let the other companies fool you into believing this is not a real certification. All first aid and CPR-AED teach the same standard course. The only difference is that the online course is not hand-on with the actual material such as manikins, AED devices, first aid kit with supplies. However, ICPRI still has actual video of the many sections being taught.

For first timers, just go to www.icpri.com . Browse the course offering. They offer CPR-AED course, CPR-AED & First Aid Combination course, Healthcare Provider BLS course, First Aid course, Bloodborne Pathogens course, and much more. Prices range from $19.95 – $34.95 USD. Registration is simple. Just click on the course and then click register now button. Next, it will bring you to Create an Account to start Your Training. Fill out the information and pay. Once paid then start your training course.

The course that I went through and completed was the First Aid & CPR-AED Training. It went over everything I need to take the 25 questions quiz to get my certification. Take your time because one should be familiar with these course topics. It is recommended to make PDFs or print each section out. It is an open book test. Review your notes before taking the quiz. One must pass this quiz by 80% or higher. The questions are not hard and they are not trying to trick you either.

Years ago after I took this training, I had to put my skills to the test when involved in a medical emergency at a restaurant. This is a real story. I was playing pool with a friend when an elderly female fell and hit her head on the floor. I immediately looked around to see who was going to respond. No one responded and not even a restaurant employee. So I went over to this female and my skills kicked in. I yelled out to a restaurant employee to call 9-1-1 and to get me some paper towels, plastic gloves, and ice. I talked to the injured female to keep her calm while I was waiting on supplies. Next, I applied ice to the head wound. In the background, I could hear the ambulance on its way. I told her the ambulance was on the way. While working on her a doctor was near by eating at a table and came by to assisted me in treating this female. He told me that I putting pressure in the wrong area. This is when the doctor became primary care giver and knew what needed to be done. When the emergency medical technician arrived on scene they took over and prepared her to be transported to a local hospital. Once the female left the building, the doctor and myself went to the restroom to wash out hands from this incident. Everyone did what we were suppose for this incident. I know the patient did not have time to thank us before leaving. Overall, I was glad to help in this medical emergency. Just know that this situation could happen to you by helping someone you don’t even know. This training does come in handy.

Finally, I highly recommended ICPRI for any training course needed for work. This company does keep a record of past courses completed. When completing the quiz, this company will email you the certificate and certification card and also mailed to you as well. For more information on this online training please visit www.icpri.com .

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Source of information from First hand experience and icpri.com








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