2019 Massey Pest Prevention Home Visit in Orlando Experience

otf_specfeaturead18Written by Robert Voss
Independent Review

First off, my home was starting to get unwanted bugs moving into my place. I live a condo and many of my neighbors are not trying to control the pest themselves. When one lives in a condo or apartment, expect to have pests in your place. To counter act-getting bugs into my condo, I tried using consumer grade pest products. Nothing seemed to work to totally get rid of them. Then it was time to call in the pest experts. So I called Massey Pest Prevention Service.

Who is Massey Pest Prevention Service? This company was started by Harvey L. Massey and was renamed Massey Services in 1987 and still continues serving Florida and other states too. [There company purpose is to provide beneficial services that protect health, food, property and the quality of our environment.] [Plus, their mission at Massey Services will be the leader in providing an environmentally responsible and superior service.] [Our Company will grow by adhering to the highest standards of performance and professionalism. Our ultimate goal is to be recognized as the best service company in our industry.] Their headquarters is located in Orlando, Florida. Information taken from website.

Next I contacted my property manager and explained that I was getting a lot of pests in my unit. She explained that Massey Pest Prevention Service has a contract for the outside of the buildings. For a small fee, Massey will come out and treat your unit. I called one of the local Massey phone number and spoke with an in-take specialist. They were very professional and wanted to help my situation. The in-take specialist asked me what day and time I could like to have Massey stop for a visit. I gave them the time and day around my schedule.

Before Massey arrived at my place, I received a phone call from Priscilla, a Pest Prevention Tech. She said, she was on her way to my place in about 10 minutes. Then Massey showed up on my doorstep at the time they said would be here. She sprayed in the kitchen and bathroom area. Also she put gel bait in certain areas and set-up paper bug traps too. She was in and out of my place.

I asked Priscilla about the Massey Prevention television commercial with the female pest prevention tech with her child. She explained she did not see that commercial and there are a few female techs that work for this company. I asked how did you get into this line of work. She replied growing up and enjoyed learning about the bugs.

Finally, I was very satisfied with Massey Pest Prevention Service visit. If the bugs come back she said to call them again. This company did not try to up sell me with a pest prevention monthly plan. This is what I like about Massey. If you have never tried Massey before then try them for yourself. For more information on their services please visit www.masseyservices.com .

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Source of information from First hand experience and masseyservices.com


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