2019 MLS All-Star Soccer Game Day in Orlando Experience

Article graphics and photo courtesy by mlssoccer.com

Written by Nathan Wertheimer

Orlando, FL – It was an exciting day in Orlando for the 2019 MLS All-Star Soccer Game at Exploria Stadium. The streets were fill with fans from around the country waiting to get into the stadium. Many dignitaries and celebrity were on hand for this game. Fans could not wait for the start of the game.

There was a short delay because of inclement weather due to lightning in the area. This forced security to move everyone inside the stadium until it was safe to let everyone outside and to find his or her seats.

Security was very tight around this event. Streets around the stadium were blocked with metal barriers. All fans went through a security checkpoint. There was no major security incident to report.

Outside of the stadium was a Fan Zone, which included many vendors, service providers, food booths, and games. Some of the these companies were at the Fan Zone such as Tide, Tag Heuer, Audi, Tide, Listerine, Coca-Cola, Target, and much more. Many of these companies gave out free swag too. Fans also purchase official MLS All Star – Orlando Souvenirs.

Behind the scenes, it was very busy in the media area. Many of us had tight deadlines to publish articles, photos, video, and sound bites to capture. Audi provided some gifts to the media, such as a black baseball caps, USB thumb drives, and USB battery banks with the Audi logo on it.

There was a pre-game press conference, which included Jason Siegal with Greater Orlando Sports Commission, State of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, and Alex Leitao with Orlando City SC. All three gentlemen were excited to be here for this event. This event would have not been possible without the soccer fans. With the fans attending this game created a huge economic impact and Orlando wants to continue to host large sporting events. There next focus is on bringing the men’s FIFA World Cup games to Orlando.

Before the game, I had a chance to buy and taste some food from the concession stand on the main concourse. For a hot dog and fries it cost $14. This was to be expected at a sporting event. I enjoyed eating both. Spectra Food Services prepared this food. For more information on Spectra please visit www.spectraexperiences.com/food

The pre-game ceremony and game introductions were of highlight of this event. Fireworks were launched around the stadium during the US National Anthem and pre-game ceremony during certain moments. I have not seen so much fireworks being launch at such an event.

The tempo of the game was slow. Many fans knew the Atletico Madrid was a tuff team. Atletico Madrid beat MLS All Stars 3-0 during a very wet soccer game. The MLS All-Stars had a few chances of scoring, but missed on several goal attempts. During the game they announced the sellout crowd of 25,527. The MVP of the game was Atletico Madrid Marcos Llorente. One other notes that one fan throw their car keys on the field on the southwest side of field during play. It is unknown why. Security confiscated these keys. Otherwise the crowd was very tame.

Overall, it was a great experience to work at this game. Let me tip my hat to the Major League Soccer organization for producing this wonderful event in Orlando. I’m sure the fans want this event to return in the future. If you missed this game there are some photos.

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