2019 UCF Knights Football Season Preview

UCF_footballScheduleAd19Article graphics courtesy by ucfknights.com

Information compiled and written by Nathan Wertheimer

The 2019 college football season is about to begin. Can the UCF Knights try to repeat another undefeated season again? Only time will tell. This year will mark a unique football season where UCF is the hottest team in American to watch. Rain, Shine, or cold, this game is played in all weather conditions. Bring your family and friends to one of the games. Embrace your hometown team.

Now is your chance to be part of the action and join in on the fun. There is a limited amount of regular season tickets available. Tickets prices range from $36 – $154 per ticket for a single game. Some season tickets are available. Ticket prices may change without notice. For more information on tickets please visit www.ucfknights.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=34100&ATCLID=211766402

Here is the six UCF Knights football games home schedule:

Thur, Aug 29 – UCF vs Florida A&M, at 7:30pm

Sat, Sep 14 – UCF vs Stanford, at 3:30pm

Sat, Sept 28 – UCF vs UConn, at TBA

Sat, Oct 4 – UCF vs ECU, at TBA

Sat, Nov 2 – UCF vs Houston, at TBA

Fri, Nov 29 – UCF vs South Florida, at TBA

Sat, Dec 7 – AAC Championship Game – TBA

Note: All homes games are played at Spectrum Stadium on the campus of UCF. Some game times have not been finalized yet.

Before coming to any game, make sure your wearing your UCF clothing and appeal. If you forget to wear your UCF Knights colors then stop by a souvenir stand to be in the right colors. There are some retail stores around UCF that also sell Knight merchandise too.

It is a quick drive from Downtown Orlando to UCF in East Orlando. Check your GPS for the best route there. For closest parking to Spectrum Stadium is the outside lot. There is some limited free parking by the Visitor Center area. Traffic maybe heavy about one hour before game time and at the end of the game. Law Enforcement will be directing traffic in the area. For more information on travel and parking please visit sucfknights.com/ViewArticle.dbml?&DB_OEM_ID=34100&ATCLID=211736315

Before each game there will be tailgating and pre-game party going on. It is advised to arrive early to the football game for the best parking spaces available. Tailgating with grills are only permitted outside lots.

When arriving at Spectrum Stadium there is a security checkpoint to enter for each game. Everyone must go through a metal detector. All bags will be searched. Some items are not permitted inside the stadium.

The sights and sounds of a regular season UCF football game will keep one entertained. Head Football Coach Josh Heupel is on his second year at UCF. Most this year’s UCF team is back to repeat anmotehr championship. Right now UCF is one of the best teams in the State of Florida. Even the rest of the country is taking notice too. Look for Quarterback McKenzie Milton will be out for the entire season. However, he will be on the sidelines helping his teammates out. At this time, it is unknown who will be the starting UCF Quarterback.

Here are some of the UCF Knights football players to watch for during the game. They are Otis Anderson, Nate Evens, Richie Grant, Greg McCrae, and much more. Some of these football players may make it to the NFL.

Many people are excited about the up in coming season. Come support the UCF Knights. For more information on the UCF Football program please visit ucfknights.com/SportSelect.dbml?DB_LANG=C&DB_OEM_ID=34100&SPID=181613&SPSID= .

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