Cheap Eats at Bento Asian Kitchen + Sushi


Written by Nathan Wertheimer
Independent Food Review

Kissimmee, FL – I visited the Sunset Walk at Margaritaville Orlando Resort for a car show. While at this event, I was getting hungry for lunch. So my companion and I spotted Bento Asian Kitchen + Sushi and she said let’s give this a try. This restaurant is a fast casual. Meals range from $3.50 – $11.50 plus tax and tip.

What is Bento Asian Kitchen + Sushi? This chain restaurant started with two brothers who built a legacy on their father’s dream. In the summer of 2002, Bento Café officially opened near UCF for hungry college students. Then this place began to soon become a local staple in the community. After the first location, the brothers expanded their restaurant to now include 14 more Florida locations and counting. The brothers continue on their father’s vision for good, quality food in a fast and friendly environment. Information from Bento website.

We walked in and were greeted by a friendly cashier. There was not wait in line during the time we visited. At the counter, I looked over the menu I choose the Signature Bowl Wok Fired Rice with Chicken. What is in this meal? It has white chicken, rice, onion, bean sprout, egg, peas, carrot, and scallion. I opted not to have the bean sprout added to my meal. If you don’t like a certain ingredient just kindly ask them not to place in your meal. They will be happy to do that for the customer. Each meal is made to fresh to order.

Once I purchased our meals, a friendly staff member gives us a table number. We looked a table and found one. We waited roughly 5-10 minutes to get our orders delivered to the table. I could not believe the size of this rice bowl. It was enough for two people two eat. At the table, they provided low salt soy sauce bottle. I added a few drops of soy sauce on my rice bowl. The food was hot and tasted great.

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Overall, I truly enjoyed eating at this restaurant. I highly recommend this restaurant for all. There are few locations in the Central Florida area. For more information on this restaurant please visit .

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Note: This is an independent food review and wasn’t paid for by the restaurant. The review is based on customer service, quality of the food, and overall appearance of the restaurant.

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