Off Topic – Crazy Drivers on Central Florida Roadways

offtopicgraphicsWritten by Robert Voss

Have you wonder how many people got their driver’s license when they drive so crazy? More than one time I have asked the same question in my head while driving. Central Florida drivers are made up a combination of locals and tourists alike. Depending on the road you drive will depend on how safe drivers are.

I-4 tends to have some racecar drivers heading from point A to point B. We all have encountered them. My advice to you is to let them pass you by. There is no need to get in an accident with them. It will cost you time and money. If you see the same vehicle doing the same violation please report it to law enforcement immediately. We don’t need these types of drivers out on the road. For one thing, they might not even have a driver’s license at all or they are getting ready for the Daytona 500.

Time after time there have been phantom auto accidents, which have drivers at fault who leave the scene of a minor and or major accident. Insurance rates keep going up because drivers are not honest with taking responsibility for their accident they have caused. It is against the law to leave a scene of an accident. This is why I would like the state legislator to impose more fines and longer jail time on these types of drivers. This should be a wake call to everyone.

Another big problem is drivers running stop signs. Some drivers don’t care about a single stop sign. After a hurricane or big storm sometimes the traffic lights will be out because of the power outage. The local news reminds people to be aware of traffic lights out and treat them like a stop sign. The motto is first to stop, first to go. Careless drivers trend to just blow right thru these traffic lights that are out. I even encountered a driver behind me blow his horn at me because I stopped a traffic light that was out. I guess he never got the memo nor did he care either.

During heavy traffic many drivers have seen motorcycles weave in and out of traffic. This type of driving is against the law. Many of these motorcycles think they own the road. Motorcycles and other motorists must share the road together. Drivers should be cautious around any motorcycles.

Road rage is another hot button item when driving. I have seen this for myself. I was keeping with the flow up traffic while waiting at a stop for a light. Then I found a vehicle on the side of my vehicle drive on the grassy median then cut me off without any a parent reason too. Then, I went ahead and took a photo of this person’s license plate. I left this vehicle go on their way. But they had other plans. They wanted to make contact with me and I did not want too.

The other day, I encountered a motorist honking their horn at me because I stopped at red yield sign to take a right onto I-4 on ramp. Even though the other lane had the right of way. One must come to a complete stop at a red yield sign. What the other driver did not know there was a posted red yield sign. It is believed this motorist was in a hurry and did not care to obey the rules of the road.

While driving is a privilege, it is not a right. There are many reasons why I wrote this article and to inform Central Florida drivers to do the right thing. If you forget the rules of the road, then re-read the State of Florida Driver’s Manual online. If you like this article, then like it on our Otownfun WordPress account. Also, join to be one of our followers at otownfun on WordPress. For more great events, places, and articles, please visit us out at .

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