Off Topic – Received an email from Walden University to Advance Your Career

offtopicgraphicsWritten by Robert Voss

Are you inundated with numerous emails from colleges and universities? You’re not alone. Many educational institutions are pushing hard on signing up new students this time of year. The email subject headline states, “Advance your career” from an email that came from Walden Online Degrees. However, it actually came from Their website within this email address does not exist. This is kind of odd. Plus, this same email address keeps selling other products and services. This is a third party company who is trying conduct ecommerce.

First of all, whom is this email advertisement targeting? It is assumed that this email advertisement blast was sent to who ever were on the data list. I am one of those people who are not interested in going back to college. The email body copy reads, [A degree from Walden University can help you achieve your goals. Explore out online programs: Doctorial Programs, Master’s Programs, Bachelor’s Programs, and Competency-Based].

The secondary email body copy reads, [Find out how we can help take you where you want to go – in your career and in life. Get started today. (Link)] If you click on the link it redirects the viewer to from then to…

Next, the third email body copy reads, [*Source; % calculated on total number of independents to out 2015 survey]. I never saw the * symbol anywhere else in this email. It is unknown why they listed this in the email.

The footer on the bottom of this email states, [This is an advertisement from mynextlifesteps. To unsubscribe from our email list, please click here (link) or mail us at Administrator, 2490 Black Rock Turnpike, Suite 280, Fairfield, CT 06825.] This location does exist. It is a two-story retail-commercial office building.

When clicking on the unsubscribe link it redirects the viewer to The website page reads, [Please specify an email address that you would like to removed] along with an email address box. It is not recommended to click link on the unsubscribe link and put in your personal email address.] Then on the bottom it states, [still receiving email after unsubscribing?]. If all else fails, just flag the email address and place in the junk email.

Who is My Next Life Steps Company? When I conducted a web search for this company online, it states, “This site can’t be reached.” It is unknown if this company really exists. This company maybe under another DBA.

If your interested in finding out more about Walden University please go directly to their website. If not, just delete this email. Don’t be surprised if you keep getting the same email appearing in your email in-box. When looking at any email advertisement do your research before buying any products and services from that email address. Stay safe and happy web surfing.

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