Off Topic – A Tourist Guide to Surviving A Hurricane


Written by Nathan Wertheimer

So you are here on vacation in the Central Florida area. Are you wondering how does a tourist survive a hurricane? Well, just like the locals you must prepare too. There are a few options you have. One can leave the area by plane, train, or automobile. This is up to you. If you decide to stay and wait it out you will be like the locals. Safety is key. This article was written for you in mind.

Hurricanes have unpredictable weather patterns. However, there is a certain cone area of direction of the storm. Always keep a watch for the final direction where the hurricane will hit. Staying patient is key to surviving any hurricane. One must stay tuned to your local news stations. Tourist may think the news station will hype up a storm for ratings. This is not the case. The news stations have an obligation to the community to keep everyone safe. Plus, they forecast the weather along with passing on critical information.

The first stage is preparation. Ask your hotel/motel desk for information on what they are doing to keep their guest safe. If they tell you limited importation than to start preparing your family and loved ones to leave. If you feel the structure is unsafe to staying in than seek another place to stay. Some hotels/motels may evacuate the entire place. This is up to the owner and or manager of the property. Public shelters maybe another option, so check with the county and city you’re staying in. Certain places are not shelters such as airports, bus stations, and much more.

The second stage is gathering hurricane supplies. Many stores will be crowded and some store shelves maybe emptied. Do not wait till the last minute. Most people will buy pillows, blankets, batteries, canned food, bottled water, re-fill medication, junk food, candy, games and much more. For a complete list of supplies conduct a search on hurricane supply list.

The third stage is waiting out the storm by sheltering in place. Stay away from windows and doors during the storm. Never open the windows and or doors during a storm. This can create a safety problem. When you think the hurricane has passed through the eye of the storm it is not over yet. You might be in center eye of the storm. Watch or listen to your local news stations. Boredom may set in while waiting out the storm. It is best to catch up on your reading, playing games, creating artwork, playing music, and video games. Outside activities are not acceptable because it will put everyone’s life at risk.

The fourth stage is the aftermath of the hurricane. Please be aware of some trees and power lines maybe down. No one should be driving out in the streets to check the area damage. Local law enforcement may enact a curfew for a short during time and or days. Continue to watch or listen to your local news.

The fifth stage is the clean up. If you encounter any stores and or individuals price gouging consumers before and or after the hurricane on food, water, lumber, and fuel. Please contact 1-866-9NO-SCAM to report a situation. All calls are investigated and appropriate action taking. This phone number is only activated during a Florida State of Emergency.

Once you have gone through a hurricane, you will remember it for a lifetime. Most people survive the hurricane by common sense and safety. Don’t be a statistic and risk yours or your family’s life.

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