2019 BOOts, Bulls, and Barrels Rodeo in Kissimmee Preview

BootsBullsNBarrelsKissAd19Article graphics courtesy by ohpark.com

Information compiled and written by Nathan Wertheimer

Central Floridians get ready again for the one night rodeo event. Mark your calendar for the 2019 BOOts, Bulls, and Barrels Rodeo in Kissimmee being held on Saturday, October 5, 2019, show time 7:30pm, at Silver Spurs Arena. Don’t worry about the weather. This is an in door event. Sit back and relax in an air conditioned controlled arena.

Get your tickets either online or at the box office. Tickets prices are $15 per adult along with a service charge. All tickets are general admission. To purchase your tickets online please visit www1.ticketmaster.com/boots-bulls-barrels-kissimmee-florida-10-05-2019/event/22005717D438AC5B?CAMEFROM=CFC_OHP_WEB_OFFICIAL_WEBSITE

Watch multiple bull riding sets with the winners taking home bragging rights and cold hard cash. May the best contestant win! In between all the bull riding action, barrel racers will go up against the clock (and one another) to win their share of the prize money.

Driving from Downtown Orlando to the Silver Spurs Arena in Kissimmee might take approximately 40-50 minute depending on traffic. Check your GPS for the best route. Don’t worry about parking because there is plenty of parking near the arena. It is advised to arrive early for the rodeo.

Please be advised there is a security checkpoint to enter this arena with your ticket. Some items maybe band. Everyone is searched before going into the arena. Law Enforcement is on hand during this venue for your safety and security.

Bull Riding is rodeo’s most dangerous and exciting event where competitors must ride a bucking bull for eight agonizing seconds with no more than a bull rope as a handhold. Unlike the bronc riding contestants, bull riders are not required to spur (where the spurs on their shoes are touching the bull). No wonder! It’s usually impressive enough just to remain seated on an animal that can weigh more than a ton and is as quick as he is big. However, those cowboys who do manage to spur are usually rewarded with extra points! A perfect score for a bull ride is 100 points. Judging is based half on the bull’s performance and half on the riders ability to match moves with the bull. The rider must stay atop the bull for a full 8 seconds holding on with only one hand, and is not allowed to touch the bull, himself, or any part of his equipment with his free hand or he will be disqualified.

Barrel Racing is a timed event where the contestant enters the arena at full speed, triggers an electric eye starter. Typically, they are riding an American Quarter Horse. They will go around the three barrels, pre-arranged in a cloverleaf. The pattern may be started from either the left or right, however, if the horse deviates in any other way the rider is disqualified. The racer rides the cloverleaf pattern around the barrels and sprints back out of the arena, tripping the eye and stopping the clock as they leave. While Barrel Racing may have started out as a friendly competition of horsemanship skills between cowgirls, the riding skills and competitive drive in this fast and furious event make it a crowd favorite.

During the rodeo if you get hungry, there are concession stands open selling just about everything from hot dogs, popcorn, peanuts, sodas, and much more. Plus, beer maybe sold at concession stands too.

Bring your family and friends down to this event. For more information on this rodeo please visit www.ohpark.com/events/detail/boots-bulls-and-barrels .

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Source of information from First hand experience and silverspursrodeo.com





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