Off Topic – Received an Email from Tammy Duckworth for Nancy Pelosi

offtopicgraphicsWritten by Robert Voss,

Just recently, I received an email from someone claiming to be from US Senator Tammy Duckworth who is campaigning for Nancy Pelsoi. The listed email address came from The email subject likes reads, “Robert, Nancy needs us.” This is not an official government email from Tammy Duckworth. It is unknown why I received this email. They are emailing to a wide range of email addresses. You might be receiving  one too. Watch for this email in your in-coming email box.

The email body copy reads:

I’m writing to you today ask you to make a donation to support my friend Nancy Pelosi. Nancy and I worked together for years in the House of Representatives, so I’ve seen firsthand how critical of a force she is in Washington. She able to work across the aisle without giving up ground on our progressive goals. She digs in and fights for what she believes in – no matter who or what gets in her way.

Having a badass woman like Nancy as Speaker is one of the few things keeping the Trump Administration from turning our country into a place we no longer recognize.

But if we want to expand the House Majority and have her continue fighting for our values in Washington, we all need to step up for her now: Make a donation to Nancy Pelosi’s reelection campaign today to keep this strong leader in House of Representative, where she belongs.

[Donation of:] $10, $25, $50, $100, $250, and other. Your help will put us in a position to enact our legislative priorities – like expanding access to health care, or passing paid family leave, or finally requiring universal background checks to save our communities.

We can’t do any of that if we don’t control the House – and Nancy Pelosi is an important part of making that happen. So please: Chip in to support Nancy Pelosi’s reelection campaign today, and help us expand and protect our Democratic majority in the House.

Thank you for contributing. I know you donation will mean a lot to her
Tammy Duckworth
Senator from Illinois

Finally, the footer states, “Paid for by Nancy Pelosi for Congress. This email was sent to [your email address] . Unsubscribe [link]. For more information please go to

When one licks on the unsubscribe link it takes viewers to . Fill out the form to unsubscribe enter your email address and click on the process unsubscribe button.

Once processed then you’ll be transferred to another page entitled unsubscribe confirmation. The page will state, “The email address (your email address) has been removed from all future mailings.

Overall, you must decide if you want to help Nancy Pelosi or unsubscribe from her email address data list. The choice is yours. This article was written to inform viewers on what is going on in the campaign world.

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