Product Review – 2019 Fiat 124 Spider Sports Car Test Drive in Orlando

productreviewgrahpicsWritten by Nathan Wertheimer
Independent Reviewer

Orlando, FL – Many attendees had a chance at the Central Florida International Auto Show to test drive a new 2019 Fiat 124 Spider Sports Car. When I first looked at this vehicle, I thought it was a Mazda Miata. I guessed wrong. However, this vehicle is similar in shape and style of a Miata.

What is the Fiat 124 Spider Sports Car? The 1966-85 Fiat Spider inspired this re-created vehicle of today. In the fall of 1966, this vehicle was on displayed at the Turin Motor Show. Today, this vehicle is manufacture by Mazda for FCA. The revamped classic Fiat 124 came out in 2015. Fiat still continues to make this car model.

The specs on this vehicle are a two-seat sports car with plenty of horses under the hood. It has 1.4 liter/4-cylinder multi cool engine with 160 to 164 horse power. Gas mileage runs 29 in the city and 35 on the highway and is fuel-efficient. This is average for vehicles on the road.

Some drivers might find the vehicle cabin small. Leather interior comes standard with performance bucket seats along with heated seats. There are a lot of bells and whistles with this vehicle. On the front middle dash there is a GPS display. There is standard air-conditioning on this model, 9-speaker Boss system, and rear wheel drive transmission, and much more.

At the FCA booth, I signed up to have a chance at test drive this vehicle. It was very simple with no hassles. All attendees’ only needed a valid driver’s license. It was easy to get into this vehicle.

Once seating in the driver’s seat, I a push button to start this vehicle. Most vehicles today are push button start. I was not use to it. Before we left, I kindly asked the representative if she could please be put down the top for this short drive.

Then I was off on the road to get a taste of this vehicle. The steering handled very nicely. Some of the features on this vehicle had upgrade headlamps with fog lights too. This vehicle may seem small to some people, but it is very comfortable. The brown leather seat wrapped one’s body.

While on the road, the representative turned on the radio to let me listen and it had great sound with a lot of bass. She commented that anyone could have a party in this vehicle. I agreed.

Then I was given permission to put the peddle to the metal. One could hear the roar of the engine. Then I could feel the power of this vehicle. When driving this vehicle drivers hear beeping for lane detection. Plus, there is a collision detection system. Sorry, no breaking assists for vehicles in front of you to avoid a crash. There are front and rear sensors on this vehicle. Plus, it has a rear camera. The MSRP starting price is at $27,400 and for an upgraded vehicle is at $31,700.

The complete test drive lasted around ten minutes. Then only negative thing about this vehicle it getting out of it. It is lower to the ground than most sports cars. However, I do own and drive a compact vehicle. One would have to get use to this vehicle by getting in and out if I purchased this car.

Overall, I would call this car the fun vehicle. It is a great vehicle to open up the top and let the wind go through your hair while traveling the open roads. After this test drive, I had no obligation to buy this vehicle. FCA gave everyone who test-drove this vehicle at this auto show one $10 gift card to Target.

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