Cheap Eats – Del Taco in Orlando

CheapEatsgraphicsWritten by Nathan Wertheimer
Independent Reviewer

If you’re looking for some good tacos then check out Del Taco with a few locations within the Metro Orlando area. Many people try to compare Del Taco to Taco Bell. There is a huge difference. This restaurant has an expanded food and drink menu.

Recently, I stopped by the International Drive Del Taco location to pick up a quick bite and go. I decided to go through the drive-thru. There was just one vehicle ahead of me at that time. When I stopped to place me order a very friendly associate asked how I was doing today. This is rare in the fast food business. So I asked her how she was doing today too. She appreciated the respect.

I had been to Del Taco before so I knew what I wanted. They have some of the best tasting tacos around. I ordered four soft tacos with mild sauce on the side. The total cost of my order was $3.37 with tax. Within three minutes, I paid for my meal and it was bagged up and ready to go. I could even wait to get home to eat these tacos. I ate two on the way home. Wow. They were really good.

What in the The Del Taco? It has seasoned beef, hand-grated cheddar cheese, crisp lettuce, and fresh-diced tomatoes in a crunchy corn shell or soft flour tortilla. The calories for a single taco are 300/310. The cost per taco was 79¢ each.

Del Taco makes much more than just tacos. Here is what they have on the lunch/dinner menu such as Epic Burritos, Classic Burritos, Platos, Nachos and Quesadillas, Handcrafted Ensaladas, Fresca Bowls, Burgers, Crinkle Cut Fries, variety of desserts, milk shakes.For breakfast, they have Breakfast Burritos, Breakfast Rollers, Breakfast Tacos, and Hashbrown Sticks.

Overall, these soft tacos are small. Most people order a few to satisfy their hunger. If you have never been to a Del Taco before I recommend trying their food. You’ll love and be back again. For more information on this restaurant please visit

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Note: This is an independent food review and wasn’t paid for by the restaurant. The review is based on customer service, quality of the food, and overall appearance of the restaurant.

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