Photo Tip Series – Buying A Camera For Your Child


Written by Nathan Wertheimer

The next Photo Tip Series I will be wiritng about is buying a camera for your child. Many people think the cell phone camera is great. However, the cell phone camera is limited on functions. If your child loves taking photos than it is a wise investment to buy a DSLR or mirror camera for your child. She or he will love all of the functions of real camera instead of the cell phone camera.

How did I get started in photography? Well, I loved seeing awesome images and wondered how did the photographer capture that image. This intrigue my curiosity so I asked my folks to buy me a film point a shoot camera. So they did and I was off capturing many images myself. In high school, I experimented with photography. My photos were published in the school’s yearbook.

I bought my first SLR film camera in college when I need it for my Photography I Class. At the time, I bought it new camera for around three hundred dollars along with one 35-70mm lens. Later on, I bought another new SLR film camera because I needed two cameras when I worked for the college’s newspaper shooting sporting events. What an awesome job it was. This laid the groundwork for my journalism career.

Currently, I have two Nikon DSLR cameras and a bunch of lenses, which I use on assignments. Most of my equipment was purchased on eBay. If a child can only afford an older model then buy it in good working condition. Always read the item details to see if they had problems in the past. Look at the actual photos of the camera. Is it badly used? Then you don’t want that camera. Look for a seller who has kept their camera in good condition. Some people have taken this hobby up and thought is was not for them.

Another place to search and buy a used DSLR are at your local pawns shops. These prices are not set in stone. Try haggling with them, if not walk out the door and go to another pawnshop. Pawnshops want to unload excess inventory. The longer it stays on the shelf the more discounted it may be. This is where you might find a great deal. Before buying from a pawnshop know the market price of the camera. No one wants to over pay for a camera. Some pawnshop may even offer a limited warranty. Just ask.

Later down the road, they can buy a brand new camera. Tell the child to save up their money for something they want. This is a good lesson for all children. When considering on buying a new one. Check the camera reviews before buying. This is an indication of how well you might enjoy a certain camera model.

Please teach your child how to take care of your photo equipment. If not, one will run into problems out in the field. Cleaning is a must. There are many videos on how to clean your camera.

Today, I still enjoy this hobby and being a professional photographer too. Good luck with finding and buying a camera for your child. This is something they can treasure for a lifetime. Thank you for reading this article and check back again for more Photography Tip Series in the future.

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