Product Review – Elie’s Plain Prepackaged Bagels

productreviewgrahpicsWritten by Nathan Wertheimer
Independent Reviewer

Looking for a good packaged bagel then try Elie’s Plain Bagels. I purchased a four package of Ellie’s Plain Bagels at one of the Dollar Tree Store in the Metro Orlando area.

Who makes Elie’s Plain Bagels? These bagels are made from the Ellie Banking Corporation in Brockton, Massachusetts then shipped into Florida. Brothers Elie, Abe and Al Ata founded Elie Baking Corporation, in 1992, after realizing a need for high quality, authentic Mediterranean style bread. Today, they make more than just bagels. They also produce pitas, flatbreads, and wraps.

I have only seen this brand of bagels in Central Florida at Dollar Tree stores only. This bakery bakes many different varieties of bagels. What I have seen on the store shelves are plain, everything, and cinnamon-raisin. When you see this product then buy them. They go very fast.

What’s in these bagels? The main ingredients are made with enriched bleached flour and wheat flour. Plus, this product is made with non-GMO Flour. There are preservatives in this product. These bagels are boiled and hearth baked at the main bakery. The total calories for one bagel are 270. This does not include butter or cream cheese added to your bagel. Most consumers usually add a spread on something on their bagel. What are you going to put on yours?

Once you get these bagels home one can either store them at room temperature, refrigerate, and or freeze them. It is recommended to toast a bagel before eating them. I prefer toasting my bagel because they taste fresh like they just came out of the oven. If your not going to eat your bagels right away. Check the sell by date and consider freezing the entire package. They will stay good for awhile.

This is one bagel brand shoppers will not want to pass up. I believe this is one of the best-prepackaged bagels that Central Floridians can buy. For more information of this product please visit .

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  1. I bought Ellie’s plain bagels at the dollar tree store in Whittinsville MA just to try them and they were so soft and delicious I went back and bought three more packages. Ill be buying these instead of the other top brand, they are just that good.


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