Product Review – Bamboo Essence – 2000 Series Bed Sheets by Ashley Taylor


Written by Nathan Wertheimer
Independent Product Review

At the 2019 Orlando Home & Garden Show, I purchased a queen size Bamboo Essence – 2000 Series Bed Sheets by Ashley Taylor for $29.99 plus tax. However the MSRP retails for $289.99. I have wanted to try this product for a while. Then I got the chance to buy it then I put this product to the test.

They come in a variety colors. These colors were purple, aqua, tan, black, white, yellow, peach, blue, orange, cream, pink, red, and much more. All colors were solids. Sorry, I did not see any strips or designer styles available. The most popular color was gray and was sold out when I arrived on the last day of the show.

The Bamboo Essence 6 piece sheet set is a 2000 Series that is ultra plush as stated on the box. Also, this product claims to be wrinkle free. This product was manufactured in China. The UPC number is 8-59577-00620-1.

Here are the specs on this product. The flat sheet measures 90 inches x 102 inches. Next, the fitted sheet measures 60 inches x 80 inches. Plus, the 4 pillow cases 20 inches x 30 inches.

The back label on the package states, “Enjoy a cool and comfortable night’s sleep with exceptionally breathable sheets that have a silky soft feel and a lustrous finish. These sheets provide a lasting vibrancy of color no matter how often they are washed and are made of micro fibers that will stay soft and wrinkle free for years to come. Machine wash in cold water with similar colors. Tumble dry on low heat. Do not bleach, dry clean, or iron.”

Who is Ashley Taylor? There is no much information on this individual. Do not get this individual confused with the film actress Ashley Taylor. It is not the same person.

Other online retail stores that carry this line of product are Amazon for $26.99 and eBay for $17.99 per set. These prices do not include tax and shipping costs. One retail wholesaler sells claims this product is the most popular sheet set on the market.

If your looking to purchase the same product like I did than check other large events such as Home and Garden Shows, Turkey Run Car Show, and much more. The price point should be the same. I asked the booth manager if he sells this product online and he said no. He said it is loss leader for him. However, he is still making money on it. The wholesale price on same product costs $14.66 per set and twelve come in a box for $156 per shipment.

Overall, these are better quality bed sheets than the Bamboo Essence – 1800 Series bed sheet set. These are much softer sheets than the ones at the flea market. There is truly a difference. It was worth spending the extra money on this set. What do you have to loose? Compare them for yourself.

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