2019 Light Up UCF in East Orlando Preview


Advertisement graphics courtesy by lightupucf.com

Information compiled and written by Nathan Wertheimer

The holidays are almost here. Why not enjoy some holiday fun at Light UCF on the main campus of University of Central Florida in East Orlando and is open to the general public. This event runs November 22 thru January 5, 2019, which is held every night of the week. Rain or shine this event goes on.

If you have never seen this event before it is a worthwhile experience for the whole family to go for a visit. This year is a different experience than last year because of the remodeled Addition Financial Arena courtyard and set-up of this event. Plus, there are a few vendors at the event selling products and services.

It is an easy drive from Orlando to the UCF main campus in East Orlando. When arriving on the UCF property to for the Addition Financial Arena signs directing drivers to this event, which is located outside of the Addition Financial Arena. There is plenty of free parking available near event arena with three parking garages near by. Plus, there are some limited meter street parking next to the university shops.

There is much to see and do at Light Up UCF. Some of the activities include the a color light show, photo area, movie night on select nights, large Farris wheel rides, ice skating rink, horse and carriage rides. One will not be bored at this venue!

The colorful light show dances to the music on every hour starts at 7pm and running thru 11pm nightly. Spectators can see the holiday lights dance to music from songs you know by heart. Also, there is palm trees on both sides of the ice skating rink which are all decked out with color LED holiday lights. Towards the end of the holiday light show will have synthetic snow pouring out a machine above your head. This snow is some sort of soap. Children just love the snowfall from the sky. See children’s faces light up when the snow starts pouring out.

The one of the main attraction at this venue is the ice skating rink. There is a fee to lace up your skates. Also, there is a disclaimer posted at the rink. Skate at your own risk. This venue is not liable for your injuries and or property loss. Everyone is welcome to skate whether one is beginner to professional. Just remember to bring a jacket to this venue. This venue tries keep the ice cold at a certain temperature. If the ice gets too humid it will be very slippery and wet.

There are two carnival style rides to enjoy at this venue. The Farris wheel will take your around a few times for a paid ticket. One is able to get a birds eye view of the venue and surrounding areas. The other ride is a pendulum style ride, which gives the rider a bird eye view of the venue. This ride is not acceptable for small children.

Overall, this is one of the most popular holiday events in town. For more information on this venue go to www.lightupucf.com . If you like this article, then like it on our Otownfun WordPress account. Also, join to be one of our followers at otownfun on WordPress. For more great events, places, and articles, please visit us at http://www.otownfun.com .

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Source of information: First hand experience and lightupucf.com


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