Off Topic – Walmart MasterCard Switches to Capital One Credit Card


Written by Robert
Editorial Opinion

In the summer of 2019, many Walmart MasterCard customers received notices that Capital One Credit Card was taking over to be the primary store credit card. This shocked many customers. I personally was happy with the Walmart MasterCard at the time. The new store credit card program started in the second week of October 2019.

Before Walmart MasterCard there then there was the Walmart VISA card. Like all credit card companies they have a contract for so many years to be that store credit card of choice. This is my second time going through this since being a regular shopper at Walmart. What consumers don’t know that the old credit card does not transfer automatically from one company to the other. One must have to sign up all over again once their old Walmart MasterCard expires. The Walmart MasterCard rewards program had ended when Capital One came on board. MasterCard may get you to sign-up with one of their regular MasterCard without the Walmart brand on it.

The same store credit card issue came up with Costco a few years ago. This is not new in the retail industry. Shoppers do not have a choice for the store’s preferred credit card. Yes, there are rewards with most store credit cards. One needs to ask your self if it is working for me?

Then the other day in the mail, I received a marketing flyer from Capital One to sign up. The front states “earn unlimited rewards on top of Walmart’s everyday low prices.” The inside marketing flyer States “Your Walmart Credit Card now offers even more.” [New rewards – As you may already know, you’re now part of the Capital One Walmart Rewards program, thanks to the new partnership between Walmart and Capital One.] [Earn unlimited rewards for the things you buy everywhere, every day.] They describe rewards as 1%, 2%, & 5% back on your credit card statement. Information from Walmart-Capital One marketing flyer

On the bottom of the inside marketing flyer it goes into details about the Capital One Benefits. These benefits are security alerts, $0 fraud liability, 24/7 customer service, and card lock. For more information please visit Walmart -Capital One website.

Finally, I have decided not to sign up for this Captial One Credit Card for many reasons. I have opted to go with one of the leading national credit cards without having a store brand on it. All credit cards have restriction along with possible fees, late fees, rewards, and much more. This is your choice make and not the credit card and or retail store. If your interested in this new Walmart store credit card please visit


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