Off Topic – Sanitas Medical Center – Longwood Experience

offtopicgraphicsWritten by Robert Voss
Independent Reviewer

For a while I has not found a good primary physician in Central Florida. My health insurance Florida Blue chose one for me. This is something that I did not like. Why are they choosing a doctor for me? They don’t have to use them. Then finally, my insurance company suggested that I visit the Sanitas Medical Center in Longwood.

Last year in December 2018, they opened a new location the Longwood. They have a growing practice for children, adults, and seniors. Currently, there are other locations in Connecticut, Florida, New Jersey, and Texas. However, there are only two locations in Central Florida at this time. Check for more to locations in the future.

Who is Sanitas Medical Center? They are focused on providing multicultural and fully bilingual services to Hispanic patients. Sanitas, a leading multinational health business group In the U.S., Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Brazil and Mexico. Currently these medical centers are owned and operated by Keralty Company. For more information please visit .

I decided to give them a try. Without an appointment, in the morning, I showed up at the Sanitas Medical Center in Longwood. They have plenty of free parking outside. Upon enter the building it was very comfortable office. At the time I arrived, it was not crowded at all. There were a few patients coming and going.

The friendly receptionist was happy to work me into their schedule for that day. I needed to see a doctor for a medical issue. They gave me a 10:45am appointment. They brought me back around 11am. Most of their medical center staff is Latinos that speak both English and Spanish.

Like any doctor’s office, once they call your name, they conduct some minor medical procedures on a patient. These procedures are taking the height and weight of the patient along with blood pressure and body temperature. Next, they review your medical history for first time patients.

Then around 11:30am, Dr. Ambrosio Romero, who is the Medical Director at this medical location, saw me in the exam room. He discussed my treatment options. Then wrote up a prescription and educated what I needed to do to regain my quality of life again.

At the end of my visit, I had to call the Florida Blue phone number to get a reference number for the change in primary care provider for the receptionist. I owed nothing for this visit because of my healthcare plan.

Overall, I would recommend this medical office to anyone who is looking for comfortable place to meet one on one with a doctor. I plan on going back to this place again. For more information on this medical practice please visit .

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