2019 28th Annual Brouhaha Film & Video Showcase at Enzian

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Press Release by Enzian Theater

Orlando, FL – (November 12, 2019) – Brouhaha is one of Enzian’s premier outlets for locally produced films and videos, the best work from film schools statewide, and a fun-filled gathering for lovers of independent film. Audiences are made up of filmmakers, film educators, local production representatives, industry organization members, and the general public, all fascinated by the scope and creativity of films screened each year representing the entire spectrum of Florida’s immense talent pool.

This year, Brouhaha will feature 51 films representing 7 different schools, along with 2 Film Slam Audience Award winners, and other local independent film productions. A jury of industry professionals will choose their favorite, and that film, along with an audience award winner, will move on to premiere in the New Florida Shorts program at the 29th Annual Florida Film Festival (April 17-26, 2020).

The 28th Annual Brouhaha Film & Video Showcase will take place November 23 & 24, 2019.


WHAT:                 Program #1
Saturday, November 23rd at 11AM
Total Running Time: 85 min

                                THINGS HAPPEN BECAUSE

Written/Directed/Produced by Frank Volk, University of Central Florida, 5 min 21 sec

Various things happen for no reason and with no relation to any other things.



Written/Directed by Cristy Trabada, Produced by Kyra Gardner, Florida State University, 8 min 42 sec

When her crush is taken to the ER, Frankie, a closeted Xanax dealer, is forced to confront her contribution to her school’s toxic drug culture.



Written/Directed/Produced by Lyndsie Zimmerman, Florida State University, 7 min 44 sec

Siblings Matt, Lisa, and Lori grow up in challenging circumstances, and reflect on how that has affected their adult lives in this emotional documentary.



Written/Directed by Chayse Banks, Produced by Will Stead, Florida State University, 7 min 40 sec

Sarah suffers from Postpartum Psychosis.  Haunted by hallucinations of the past, she must face her memories and allow herself to begin the process of forgiveness.



Written/Directed by Alessandra Rodriguez, Adam Pereira & Elise Fedoroff, Ringling College of Art and Design, 4 min 18 sec

Gloria is an Italian mother with a heart full of love, but she is struggling with a great loss that has resulted in a drug addiction to numb the pain.



Written/Directed/Produced by Tammy Premchan, Winter Park High School, 3 min 7 sec

The life of a student can be routine.  How does a young lady break the monotony?



Written/Directed by Jessica Bouyer, Produced by Xiaoxia Lu, Florida State University, 6 min 16 sec

Small in stature, Jamila is bullied after being chosen to represent her 5th grade class in the school-wide spelling bee.



Written/Directed/Produced by Vince Marcucci, University of Central Florida, 9 min 31 sec

The insatiable development of Florida signals a dim future. When one county government threatens to sever roots of a community, who fights to preserve their environmental values?



Written/Directed by Francisco Cabrera, Produced by Siara-Lauren Brown, Florida State University, 7 min 21 sec

Yunior seeks his own light in the shadow of his older brother, with some help from his brother’s girlfriend and a startling new gay neighbor.



Written by Sean Lane & Bryan Adams, Directed by Gordon LeCroy, Produced by Gisela Cantres-Toro, Full Sail University, 5 min 34 sec

A short documentary on the extensive history of a football rivalry between two American high schools that has been going on for 100 years.



Written/Directed by Tara Norton, Ellie Morlino, & Alex Shaulis, Ringling College of Art and Design, 4 min 11 sec

A paleontologist’s assistant, frustrated by her male superior, receives a little help from an unexpected source to prove her worth.



Written/Directed/Produced by Victor Roman, Valencia College, 2 min 21 sec

A romantic night takes a turn for the sinister.



Written by Dani Fiondella, Directed by Ellen Marmol, Produced by Alex McFry, Florida State University, 12 min 32 sec

Violently betrayed by the man she loved, Viola, a farmer’s daughter from White Plains, Alabama, takes matters into her own hands. Based on true events.
Program #2
Saturday, November 23rd at 1:30PM
Total Running Time: 87 min


Written/Directed by Ellen Marmol, Produced by Alex McFry, Florida State University, 14 min 48 sec

Camilla, a young Brazilian mother, takes her free-spirited daughter, Victoria, on a road trip across Florida as a final goodbye before college.



Written/Directed/Produced by Sam Kench, 4 min 45 sec, Winner – March Film Slam

Two sock puppets face an existential breakdown upon realizing the true state of things.



Written/Directed/Produced by Keaton Kish, Florida State University, 7 min 38 sec

This documentary discusses a woman’s experiences with death and dying, from her time working in India and Hospice care, to her own personal life.



Written/Directed by Meg Oswalt, Ringling College of Art and Design, 4 min 8 sec

Two personified seasons, Summer and Winter, find themselves as unlikely roommates in this animated 90’s sitcom parody.



Written/Directed by Helen Morales, Produced by Nicholas Kerr, University of Central Florida, 7 min

A 15-year-old girl experiences an anxiety attack while on a school field-trip to the beach.



Co-written/Directed/Produced by Ney Mila, Co-written by Demi Batope, Daytona State College, 2 min

An experimental short film about two young musicians from Nigeria, Demi and Tai, who call themselves  “Spacemen.”



Written/Directed/Produced by Carsen Jessell, Florida State University, 7 min 49 sec

Active and retired firefighters talk about their experience with mental illness and how treatment has changed over the years.



Written/Directed by Jeff Shea, Ringling College of Art and Design, 2 min 21 sec

A long-time smoker who’s vowed to quit tries to go back on his promise, but finds that the universe is holding him to it. How far will he go before he decides it’s time to kick the habit?



Written/Directed by Raymond Knudsen, Produced by Tyler Knutt, Florida State University, 8 min 35 sec

An obsessed bodybuilder who struggles with personal demons and his family’s lack of support soon learns that achieving perfection is all he has left.



Written/Directed/Co-produced by Michael Ferraro, Co-produced by Jake Hatch, 3 min 30 sec

An immigrant mother and her first generation daughter share how they maintain and cultivate their Mexican heritage in the United States.



Written/Directed by Anna DeFinis, Produced by Sasha Drummond, University of Central Florida, 10 min 10 sec

When a young woman is bitten by a zombie and decides to take her own life, she makes a surprising request of her closest companion.



Written/Directed/Produced by Anishe Gupte, Florida State University, 2 min 42 sec

A timid adolescent boy struggling with an eating disorder wakes up in his cereal bowl and is attacked by a beetle made of milk.



Written/Directed by Jameel Karim, Produced by Junyuan Guan, Florida State University, 11 min 57 sec

New recruit Jacob Webb and a US Army Special Forces team investigate a lost satellite signal. An alien encounter was not in the mission briefing.
Program #3
Sunday, November 24th at 11AM

Total Running Time:  88 min



Written/Directed/Produced by Sarah Tice, University of Central Florida, 9 min 3 sec

In the middle of the night, a Latina writes a letter to her husband explaining why she wants to join the suffrage movement…and why she must leave him.



Written/Directed/Produced by Jessica Kirby, Florida State University, 5 min 16 sec

After her classmates bring her down, Imani must learn to love her brown. Through art, she shows all browns are neat; beautiful, enriched, spectacular, sweet.



Written/Directed by Amanda Jean-Mary, Produced by Breyionna Flowers, Florida State University, 6 min 21 sec

Camille is faced with a hard choice when her clueless principal gives an ultimatum in the name of professionalism: her dreadlocks or the debate team.



Written/Directed/Produced by Chase Davis, Florida State University, 7 min 36 sec

Diagnosed with stage four cancer, a mother of three utilizes the symbol of Wonder Woman to rally hope during her fight against an incurable illness.



Written/Directed by Sarah Holland, Produced by John Marcano & Alex Ingram, University of Central Florida, 8 min 37 sec

Egghead is in love with his best friend, Twinkie. Twinkie is a closeted lesbian. And tonight, she is coming out to her parents in the most casual way possible.



Written/Produced by Isabellla Thalheimer, Directed by Arden Wallman, Winter Park High School, 1 min 7 sec

Bella explores a local point of interest in Winter Park–the Morse Museum–which brings culture and art to our community.



Written/Directed/Produced by Brennan Brinkley, Florida State University, 5 min 22 sec

In present-day Puerto Rico, a stone dog awaits the return of his conquistador owner. Rocky’s vigil ends when a boy discovers him on the beach.



Written/Directed by Sanghyun Kim, Ringling College of Art and Design, 2 min 26 sec

Bill Plympton meets Mr. Magoo when a blind man’s guide dog breaks his leash chasing a tennis ball near a construction site.



Written/Co-produced by Erin Beute, Directed/Co-produced by Scott Poiley, 13 min 34 sec, Winner – May Film Slam

A rigid music professor loses her sight, only to find startling clarity within the walls of an at-risk urban high school.



Written/Directed/Produced by Summer Schantz, Florida State University, 12 min 56 sec

Jetta Schantz, a world-record holding hot air balloonist, overcomes the external forces of nature and society to rise above those around her, 32,000 feet up.



Written/Directed by Felipe Sanchez, Ringling College of Art and Design, 2 min

After a plane explodes and sends six people hurtling toward certain doom, everyone must decide what matters most to them and act on those thoughts.



Written/Directed by Wasly Castillo, produced by Alex McFry, Florida State University, 13 min 35 sec

In the wake of a deadly incident, EMT Camila Perez can’t continue to walk the line between right and wrong. Today, she makes a choice.
Program #4
Sunday, November 24th at 1:30PM

Total Running Time:  89 min



Written/Directed/Produced by Costa Karalis & Jack Owen, Florida State University, 12 min 6 sec

Accepting a job for a high-profile client, an amateur photographer travels to Indonesia and becomes part of a plot affecting hundreds in the freelance industry.



Written/Directed/Produced by Maria Passafaro, Florida State University, 1 min 39 sec

When Bull Sluice is thrown into a river by his heartless owner, he decides it is every kayak for himself, come hell or high water.



Written/Directed/Produced by Grace Brauer, University of Central Florida, 3 min 1 sec

The Lake Wales Ridge is an unassuming strip of land in Florida with a rich geological past. This silent experimental work shot in 16mm explores this history.



Written/Directed by Siara-Lauren Brown, Produced by Zach Freeman, Florida State University, 7 min 42 sec

Mills, a 23-year-old artist, learns the importance of individuality and independence when her partner, Aurelie, leaves town for a master’s program.



Co-written/Directed/Produced by Ramon Faria, Co-written by Felipe Campos, Full Sail University, 10 min 24 sec

After years of loneliness, elderly Mr. Nakashima gets a robot.



Written/Directed by Evan Barber, Produced by Carrie Carusone, Florida State University, 7 min 27 sec

When Julia magically brings to life a CPR Mannequin, naturally they fall in love. But regardless of how exceptional their love is, relationships are hard.



Written/Directed/Produced by Becky Johnson, Daytona State College, 2 min 19 sec

A local Florida surfer discusses the current disaster state of the ocean and ways to help clean up the environment.



Written/Directed by Spencer Shack, Produced by Nick Gammon & Mike Tran, University of Central Florida, 10 min 4 sec

Two group-home brothers navigate living poor in a small African-American suburb.



Written/Directed by Allison Rossi, Ida Zhu & Becky Seamans, Ringling College of Art and Design, 3 min 55 sec

A teenage boy named Aiden goes to his grandmother Pearl’s house for the day. When he’s repeatedly rude and ignores Pearl, her knit cats decide to take matters into their own paws and teach the boy a lesson.



Written/Directed by Will Stead, Produced by Tony Ashley, Florida State University, 7 min 39 sec

In Nazi Germany, young, closeted Ben fears for his own safety as he learns that his world is about to become even more dangerous for him and his best friend.



Written/Directed/Produced by Tyler Vogel, Florida State University, 7 min 48 sec

Feminine gay men not only receive pressure from society to be more masculine, but also face discrimination from other gay men.



Written/Directed by Imo Rolfe, Ringling College of Art and Design, 2 min 21 sec

Meet an unlikely pair of feathered dinosaurs: a flamboyant velociraptor who wears his feathers with pride, and a reserved ankylosaur who refuses to accept that real dinosaurs can have feathers in the first place.



Written/Directed/Produced by Scott Poiley, 12 min 13 sec

“Sound Language” takes place in a world where spoken word has long been forgotten, and people use rhythm to communicate. A dance piece evoking both “Stomp” and “Mad Max!”

TICKETS:               Regular admission is only $5 per program or you can purchase a $10 Showcase Pass, which covers all 4 programs over both days. Admission is FREE for Enzian Film Society members and participating filmmakers!

WHERE:               Enzian Theater, 1300 South Orlando Avenue, Maitland, FL 32751

 INFO:                    Enzian is Central Florida’s only full-time, not-for-profit cinema for first-run independent and international film, classic revivals, documentary features, and select family entertainment. Enzian, a member-supported organization serving the community for more than 34 years, is home to the Florida Film Festival and Eden Bar. For additional information, visit Enzian.org or call general information at (407) 629-1088.

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