2019 Florida Blue Florida Classic Football Game in Orlando Preview

Article graphics courtesy by Camping World Stadium

Press Release by Camping World Stadium along with additional information

The Florida Blue Florida Classic is a weekend where college friends reunite, families come together and fans show out for an O-town Showdown to witness the FAMU Rattlers and B-CU Wildcats battle it out on the gridiron for bragging rights. More than 1,800,000 fans have attended since the first game in 1978, making it the BIGGEST Black college football game in the country. The rivalry continues on November 23, 2019, game time at 3:30pm.

Get your tickets now from the stadium box office and or at local Ticketmaster. Watch out for ticket scalpers outside the stadium selling fake tickets at high-ticket prices. Game tickets range from $45 to $225+ per ticket per person. Some seating areas inside this stadium may already be sold out. Note: Student tickets are available on respective campuses box offices.

For tickets please visit www1.ticketmaster.com/florida-blue-florida-classic-famu-v-orlando-florida-11-23-2019/event/220056D1A5519E02?brand=campingworld&CAMEFROM=CFC_campingworld_WEB_eventpage_CWS

Here are some tips how to prepare for game day. Don’t forget to dress comfortably for the weather. It could be hot or cold outside. Here are some items to pack such as sunglasses, ball cap, sunscreen, poncho, and cash.

It is just a quick walk or ride from Downtown Orlando to Camping World Stadium. Some street may be blocked off around the stadium. Use your GPS for the best route to Camping World Stadium in Orlando. The address of the stadium is located at One Citrus Bowl Place, Orlando, Florida 32805.

It is recommended to pre-pay for parking ahead of time. There may be limited parking on game day near the stadium. Parking fees in the area range from $10-$50 depending on location. Another options to the stadium are to use a ride sharing service, taxis, and or local bus transportation. For more City of Orlando parking options please visit www.orlando.gov/Parking-Transportation/Parking/Parking-Garages-and-Lots

Fans will enjoy both tailgating and a game day experience zone right outside the stadium. Most fans will be tailgating early before the game starts. Team merchandise will be available to purchase.

There are many sights and sound of game day at Camping World Stadium. With a ticket in hand, there will be long lines to get into this stadium. Just remember there is security checkpoint to go through. Certain items are not allowed inside this stadium. Every seat inside the stadium has a good view. Some seats are more comfortable than others. The upper desk has blenching seating while the lower bowl has box seating.

During the game, feel the excitement with your favorite college team. If you get hungry during the game, there is plenty of concession stands to choose from around the stadium. Prices will vary depending on food and drink items.

Bring your family out to huge football game. For more information of this event please visit www.campingworldstadium.com/events/detail/florida-blue-florida-classic-2019

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Source of information: First hand experience, Camping World Stadium




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