2019 Orlando Magic Basketball Game Day Experience

SportsNewsgraphicsWritten by Mike Jones

It has been awhile since I have been to an Orlando Magic basketball game. The last time, I went to a NBA game was at the old Amway Arena/ TD Waterhouse Center / Orlando Arena. Now I’m dating myself. I was invited to attend this Orlando Magic verses the Denver Nuggets basketball game. I was very excited to see this game and did not know what to expect.

I drove down to Downtown Orlando and found a close parking garage to park my vehicle a few blocks from the Amway Center. They were charging just $12 per vehicle for event parking only. There are other parking lots and garages ranging from $10-$20 per vehicle in the area too.

Before arriving for this game, I ate a quick bite at one of the near by restaurants on Church Street. There were many basketball fans doing the same thing. This is a happening place before the NBA game.

It is recommended to arrive to the game 1-2 hour before tip off. There was an outside Orlando Magic Fan Zone. Many fans took photos with a life size photo of some of the players. Even DJ was spinning the tunes. Everyone waited until the doors opened.

Upon entering the Amway Center, there is a security checkpoint. All people and bags are searched. It is recommended to check the Amway Center website for prohibited items. The metal detectors are very sensitive. Even my watch made the metal detector set it off.

Once through security checkpoint, the ticket takers were standing by to scan your ticket and or electronic ticket from your phone. There were four of us. So the Ticket Taker had to scan each of the four tickets. No problem, and we were then directed from the Lobby to escalators to take fans up to Terrace (Lower) Level.

The Terrace (Lower) Level has concession stands, gift shop, restrooms, Orlando Magic Hall of Fame, Guest Services, and much more. Fans cannot get to their seats until an hour before the game starts. The ushers were there blocking fans to access to the inside of the arena until it was time for fans to take their seats. It was not a congested concourse while waiting to access the inside of the arena.

Before the start of the game, The 407 Dance Team and two guys on stilts paraded down The Terrace (Lower) Level. They sure made a lot of noise and everyone was excited to see them. Later, The 407 Dance Team was on the floor doing their routine.

The Fox Sports Florida was televising this night’s game. They’re pre-game, half-time, and end of the game broadcast commentary is done on the news desks located on the Terrace (Lower) behind Section 118. Fans can see these working sportscasters. I found former Orlando Magic coach Brian Hill seating the desk with two other guys.

There were many steps to get down to Section 109. Once in this section there was a friendly usher which was happy to direct fans to their seats. My party had four tickets for Row 13, which is in the lower bowl and on the right side of the Orlando Magic bench. These seats were fine and were very comfortable.

During the 2nd quarter of the game, I found a lady sitting behind me was very loud and could not stop talking. This behavior is not acceptable when fans are there to enjoy this game. If she wanted to talk badly to her friends she should have gone to the Ozone and or one of the other bars to chat. Later, I found out, I could have mentioned this problem to Guest Services and they would have taken care of this problem. I wish I knew this at the time. This is something I will remember for next time.

Overall, I enjoyed the game day experience except for the minor problem. If you have never been to an Orlando Magic basketball game, what are you waiting fore? For more information please visit www.nba.com/magic/?tmd=1 .

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Source of information: First hand experience, amwaycenter.com





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