Off Topic – How To Over Throw An HOA Board

offtopicgraphicsWritten by Mike Jones

Most homeowners live in their community with a homeowners association (HOA). There is good and bad things with an HOA. All of them have rules and regulations. As a homeowner I must adhere to all the regulations not matter how I feel or like them.

Let me explain what has been going on at my HOA in my community. We have had the same president on the board for the last ten years. There reason why is because their was never enough votes to hold an election. Each owner either forgot about the election or did not care who was running the community. This is so sad.

Conflict of interests could also be found too. The board president was an employee of the current management company. This is a red flag. No one decided to pursue this issue with the board or take action. This was brought to State of Florida Department of Agriculture – Condo Division for a review. Nothing happened because all the state deals with election issues only. When homeowners need help whom could you turn too? No one. Except for an attorney who can handle HOA matters. This can be costly along with time too.

The big shocker came when owners kept hearing a big HOA assessment was coming to help make repairs in our community. Then many owners started to wait up. What has been going on for many years is the board did have a 5-year plan on fixing and repairing the condo buildings. They neglected their duties as board members. However, all the board wanted to do was keep the monthly HOA fees low and to keep everyone happy. Plus, they made promises they never kept either.

With everything going on, a small group of owners banded together to came up with a plan to somehow get on the board. This all started with a grass roots campaign to get in contact with all owners and explain what is going on. When the HOA property management heard about this they were not too happy. Property Management was against this group from the beginning. This group continued with their mission to change the board.

Finally, change came the night of the HOA election. We had enough votes to hold an election. Everyone on the old board was gone. This was great news. Now, the new board can make position changes that the other board was not doing. The new board will have to make decisions on a new property management company, repairing the buildings, and to create a long-term plan for the community. I believe we are in good hands now. If you are in the same boat, then I suggest doing the same thing as we did. HOAs should be fair to all homeowners and residents who live in the community. Just remember HOA board is accountable for what they do.

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