Off Topic – The Orlando Citrus Parade Has Come To An End

offtopicgraphicsWritten by Robert Voss

I am writing to you with a heavy heart that Florida Citrus Sports (FCS) is discontinuing the Orlando Citrus Parade. This was announced back in October 2019. Central Floridian will not see this type of parade ever again. The last one was in produced in December 2018. Many people will be looking for advertisement about the up coming Orlando Citrus Parade and will then read about the bad news.

There are many reasons why FCS has decided to cease production on this parade. The cost of a single parade is very high. It takes many volunteers, sponsors, and the general public to pull off a parade. FCS said in a statement. “As an impact-focused organization committed to driving exposure and attracting visitors, we can no longer justify the investment needed based on the level of return delivered for our community.”

Some of the former highlights of the Orlando Citrus Parade were the college marching bands, Universal Studios Characters, Walt Disney World Characters, Sea World Characters, celebrities and dignitaries, vintage cars, Bahia Shriners, The Villages Dance Team, and much more.

The streets were always filled with local and tourists alike to watch the Orlando Citrus Parade. Kids loved seeing this free entertainment. Plus, this parade was taped and broadcast later on ABC Network.

Don’t worry about this parade ending. There is a few other Downtown Orlando Parades that take place annually. They are the Veteran’s Day Parade, Come out with Pride Parade, and Puerto Rican Parade. Just to name a few.

To see a last photo slideshow of the Orlando Citrus Parade please visit

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