2019 Thanksgiving Traditional Dinner Costs

SpecialFeatureGraphicsWritten by Robert Voss

First off, I am curious about the total costs of this year’s Thanksgiving meal for a family four at home. The price tag keeps going up every year. Can you guess what this year’s cost is? Everyone deserves a great Thanksgiving dinner. Many restaurants have a huge price per person for this special meal.

I set out to get the cost of the Thanksgiving dinner. Then I drove to the Wal-Mart Marketplace Store in South Orlando. These prices were checked the week of Thanksgiving. Here is what I found:

1-Wal-Mart Pumpkin Pie 22oz, $2.97 each

• 1-Jennie O Premium Fresh Turkey 13.42 lbs, $19.86 each

• 1-Wal-Mart Bakery Enriched Yeast Rolls 16oz package,  $3.24 each

• 2-packages of Idahoan Instant Mashed Potatoes, 4oz, $1.00 each ($2.00)

• 1- Kraft Store Top Chicken Stuffing. 12oz box, $2.36

• 2-bottles of regular 2 liter Pepsi, $1.25 per bottle ($2.50)

• 2-Libby’s Cut green beans 14.5 oz can, $0.74 ($1.48)

• 2-Libby’s Cream Style corn 14.75oz can , $0.74 ($1.48)

• 2-Bruce’s yams, 15oz can, $1.06 ($2.12)

This year’s total Thanksgiving Dinner costs $38.01. The costs= per person is $9.50. Try going out to eat for this price. Sorry, one has to cook it, setup the table, and clean up. Plus, you’ll have some left overs for the next day. Is it worth the cost? I’ll you decide.




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