Off Topic –Male-Lesbians in Society Today


Written by Mike Jones

This article contains adult material not suited for children and is based on observation and brief research. I have read a few articles on male-lesbians and they have not talked about it in more details about this topic.

What comes to mind when you think about a male-lesbian? Some people think he is gay. However, he is straight and loves woman. During his routine life he has a more feminine side. Growing up these individual tend to be shy, are not focused on male activities, and are open-minded.

A male-lesbian does not mean he wants to be sexually with another guy. This is quite the opposite. He wants to be closer to females than males. These individuals tend to have more female friends than male friends. That is a fact. Most female see a male-lesbian as a friend than someone who they want to date.

Do male-lesbians have a hard time dating females in society? The answer is yes. Why. Many females are not attracted to guys with a feminine side. Just because a guy is creative, loves to dance, expresses him self in a different ways, are domesticated, and much more. This should be eye opening to females. These guys are the best advocates for females. They are there to give female great advice.

As a male-lesbian, I have had a hard time dating females. I have been brushed off many times from the ladies. Many of them don’t understand myself. They base their views on the outside appearance and mannerisms. I still continue to find this in the community today. Male-lesbians are an acquired taste.

These are many things that a male lesbian is not. They do not want a sex change, be labeled as a male lesbian or gay, dressed up as a woman to be a transgender, being defined as girly.

Hopefully, this article puts a spotlight on male-lesbians in society today. These individuals should not be kept in a closet. They should be welcomed in all communities. You may know someone who acts like a male-lesbian. Embrace them and let them be themselves. You might be surprised what they share with you. Our publication would like to hear about your stories and or comments about male lesbians then please contact us via email.

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