Product Review – Unbranded Sleep Therapy Sound & White Noise Machine


Written by Mike Jones
Independent Reviewer

Are you sensitive to noise and can’t get a good night’s sleep? Then this sound machine may be your answer to your noise problem. This machine is not only good for bedrooms; use them anywhere in your home or office. Any one can use this machine.

Currently, I am having problems with noise inside of my condo. The walls are very thin. Plus, my up stairs neighbor has illegal wooden floors without any sound dampener. They were given notice to solve the noise problem themselves. Yet, this neighbor still continues to bang, tap, rumble, dropped objects on the floor, and walk hard on the floors too. This happens on a daily bases. I have opted to try several materials to soften the noise to combat this noise problem. Then I did some brief research of white noise machine.

What is white noise? This is a type of noise can be describe as on-going static noise which comes from old television set when the channel was off the air. Today, we don’t have to listen to this sound because the screen goes to blue and the sound gets cut off. I find this sound quite soothing to me and many other people may agree too.

Plus, there are other sound too such as howling wind, thunderstorm, ocean waves, rainforest, summer night, and lullaby. Each sound is played in a loop. One can adjust the volume to suite your needs.

Here are the product features based on the product description on the box. This product can be used for infants, adults, and elderly. There are seven soothing sounds one can select. This device has a high quality speaker along with an earphone jack, and a USB port to charge electronics, and it has a retractable stand. The device measures approximately 5 inches by 5 inches. This product was made in China. Inside the product box one will see the device, USB power cord, and USB power outlet. Sorry, earphones are not included. Product is plug and play. Product directions are easy to read.

Finally, I felt it was a good solution to my noise problem by using one of the unbranded sleep therapy sound machines. This model machine was purchased on eBay for around $20 with shipping. I purchased one to see how this product would perform. What did I have to loose for $20. Nothing. Today, I currently own five of this Unbranded Sleep Therapy Sound & White Noise Machine and have loved this device ever since.

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