Off Topic – Tribute to the Life and Memory of Woodrow “Chip” Crawford, Jr.


Written by Nathan Wertheimer

Orlando, FL – Woodrow “Chip” Crawford, Jr. died suddenly on November 23, 2019. Most people knew Crawford by his first name as Chip. He is survived by his wife Karen Jordan-Crawford, daughter Allana Crawford; step-daughter, Danielle Allana Parsons (husband, Steven Parsons); sister, Cathy Rivera; sister, Connie Herrara (husband, Henry Herrara, Sr.); granddaughter, Lucy Abigail Parsons; and nieces and nephews, Henry Herrara, Jr., Ashley Smith, Aaron Herrara, and Kealan Rivera. He had a big family and always welcomed everyone to his home.

I am writing this article to extend my heart felt loss of Crawford to the Central Florida community. He was 65 years old. His life started out in April 26, 1954. This is where he grew up in Orlando and where he graduated from Boone High School. After high school, he attended and graduated from Seminole State College of Florida (formally Seminole Community College). While going to college he was a basketball player for the college team. In the past, Crawford recalled telling me that he had won some basketball awards for the college. Some of those trophies and awards are still there in the Gym Building today.

Many people who knew Chip would describe him as a friendly, a family man, and focused individual. I met Crawford in 2010, at WFTV Channel 9. He came to the TV station to help promote the Central Florida Scottish Highland Games by dropping off some information. This is where he and I started talking about the Highland Games. Then he encouraged me to cover his Highland Games. I took him up on his offer and I have been covering many of these games ever since.

He loved being a process server and volunteering his time with the Scottish-American Society of Central Florida. Crawford was the current President of this organization before he died. He was very passionate about the annual Highland Games. Crawford once told me these games in Central Florida are one of the largest in the United States. Even the people from the United Kingdom would travel over here to attend this event.

This event is one of the largest economic impacts in Seminole County every year. Without Crawford, this event would not exist throughout the years. He was determined to bring positive changes to this event to attract more people. Currently, the games can’t expand with its present location in Winter Springs. Crawford enjoyed having the games at Central Wind Park. At one time, Crawford told me that there is not another place in Central Florida that could host these games.

While at these games, one could always see Crawford dressed wearing his traditional kilt and driving a golf cart. He wanted to make sure everything was taken care of. This event would not have been possible without the hard work from Crawford.

He told me about many stories about being an independent process server. What people don’t know he also had careers as a private investigator and as a real estate agent too. With this knowledge, he was able to put it good use as process server.

There was one story that stood out the most that Crawford told me. He tried to serve papers to an individual who did not want to be served. He had been tracking this guy for a while. He went to this individual house and found his vehicle in the driveway. How he knew it because Crawford ran this individual vehicle tag. This was confirmed and he conducted surveillance outside of this individual residence. He waited for him to leave his house. This individual spotted Crawford in his vehicle and then placed a called to law enforcement about a suspicious individual who was Crawford.

When law enforcement arrived on scene and an police officer made contact with Crawford. He explained to the officer that he was a process server trying to serve papers on this individual at this home address. Crawford flipped the tables on this guy. Law enforcement helped Crawford serve the papers to this individual. This individual was very surprised by what happened. The point to this story was don’t mess with Crawford because he was determined to get the job done. Now this job was completed and the case is closed.

He always spoke highly about his family and what they were doing. He was always there for his daughter. Crawford encouraged his daughter to go to college and get an education. After his daughter graduated high school, she left home to away to a college in Florida. He still kept tabs on her as a parent.

The last time, I saw Crawford was back in the fall of 2019. He was getting ready for the up coming Central Florida Scottish Games in 2020. He explained about some of the changes that would happen. The 2020 event poster was completed and being published.

To remember Crawford, his family held a memorial service at Central Winds Park back on December 14, 2019. This is one place Crawford loved. He who will surely missed. Also, many people that knew Crawford can post a comment about him on the official memorial website at

At this time, the Scottish-American Society of Central Florida has set up a tuition assistance fund for Allana Crawford. If you would like to donate please visit

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