Off Topic – What NOT to do in Orlando – Worst Tourist Traps & Scams


Written by Robert Voss

Most people around the world want to visit Orlando, Florida. This is one of the top destinations in the world. This guide is meant for tourists. There is much to see and do in Metro Orlando. Plan your trip accordingly and you’ll remember it for a lifetime.

First off, when getting off the plane at the Orlando International Airport, there will be many transportation options. Don’t just get into just any car or bus. This has to be thought out ahead of time. Watch out for over priced taxis, black vehicle limo service, and fake Uber/Lift vehicles. Plus, fake Uber/Lift drivers posing as ride sharing service. Plus, these drivers tend to over charge passengers.

There are a lot of hotels and motels in the tourist corridor area. Watch out for food and other places posting handbills on your hotel/motel room door and or vehicle. If you see someone doing this task please report it to your place your staying at. They need to know to correct this problem.

Most tourists on their list want to visit Downtown Orlando. People think Rosie O’Grady’s is still open for business after all f these years. Well, I am sad to say the attraction went out of business in the late 1990’s. This was a main attraction until they built Point Orlando, ICON Park, Disney Springs, Universal CityWalk, and other evening attractions. Today, some of the Restaurants have changed on Church Street Station too. There is very little night entertainment in the core of town besides nightclubs, bars, and a movie theater.

The Downtown area has the Amway Center, Dr. Philips Center for Performing Arts Center, Bob Carr Performing Arts Center, Exploria Stadium, and Camping World Stadium. These places are only open during an event.

Want to go to a professional sporting event in Downtown Orlando? If you said, yes your not alone. Now you need tickets to a sporting event. Do not buy any tickets from a ticket scalper outside the arena and or stadium. They are easy to spot by yelling them and holding up tickets for sell. Most of the time they are selling fake tickets and that won’t be admit you inside the sporting event. Plus, the tickets are worthless and you’ll lose all of your money too. It is always best to buy your tickets from either at the event box office and or reputable online ticket outlet.

Watch out for the homeless in Downtown Orlando. They beg on the streets. Just ignore them and walk away. If you try to give them money, you will be encouraging them to go beg other people too. There is programs setup for the homeless in Orlando. Most of them choose not to participate.

If you’re in downtown area skip the pedicabs in the evenings. Their rates will fluctuate. One will see pedicabs waiting outside of parking garages. Pedicabs are regulated by the City of Orlando. Pedicabs drivers do not dress in a uniform. They wear plain civilian clothing. Sometimes pedicabs break the city ordinances.

Watch out for fake parking attendants taking money and giving you a fake ticket to park on public and private property. What happens is the fake parking attendant will find old parking stubs on the ground or given to them by a patron leaving the parking lot. Then the fake parking attendant will re-use and sell these parking stubs to unsuspecting drivers. Ask questions to determine if the parking attendant is an official with a parking lot. Do not take them at face value. They could lie to you. Most parking attendants are in a uniform with a company or city ID.

If you’re staying in the International Drive area there are many chain restaurants. Well, if you’re looking for local restaurants, check out the surrounding areas. Ask your concierge what they recommend.

There are many places to shop in Orlando. The tourists tend to pay more if the shops are in a tourist corridor area with the exception of the outlet malls. Do you research on pricing on big-ticket items before buying it. For example, if you need to buy a new DSLR camera one will pay more at an independent camera shop in the tourist area over a large big box retailer. Many tourists will pay for convenience because they don’t know how to get to the discount retailers in the area to buy a certain item.

Another area to stay away from at night is Orange Blossom Trail (OBT). This runs from I-4 to Sandlake Road. This area is known for strip clubs, prostitution, drug deals, human trafficking, and crimes of opportunity. Don’t become a victim.

Are you needing to go anywhere fast in Orlando? I don’t suggest Interstate 4 during the weekdays during high peak times from the morning rush to the evening rush too. Sometimes there are accidents that will back up traffic for miles. Waiting your time and money. Avoid I-4 and take the side and back roads if you know how to navigate from your GPS.

I hope you enjoyed the article on What NOT to do in Orlando – Worst Tourist Traps & Scams. Without this knowledge you would be just another unhappy tourist in town.

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