2020 Earth Fare Supermarket Closing All Locations


Information compiled and written by Robert Voss

You may have heard in the local news that another grocery chain is starting to close their doors on Monday, February 3, 2020. Earth Fare Supermarket has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy under liquidation.

What is Earth Fare Supermarket? They are an American health and wellness supermarket with 50 locations in 10 states throughout the Southeast and Midwest United States and founded in 1975. It sells natural and organic food that the company claims to have the highest product standards in the United States (free of various artificial additives, high-fructose corn syrup, hormones and antibiotics), and it is one of the largest natural and organic food retailers in the country. Information from wikipedia.org

If you visit Earth Fare website you will find a list of all the stores closing. There is an all locations store-closing sale going on right now. Prices are slashed up to 30% at this time. Towards the end of the sale expect 40% – 75% off all products that are marked. All sales are final. Other restrictions apply. See store for details. They are taking all major credits and US cash only.

Earth Fare website has been taken down and redirect viewers to Hilco Merchant Resources. There is limited information for this store.

It is worth a visit to this store. Everything must go in each store. For more information please visit www.hilcomerchantresources.com/earthfareclosing


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